Friday, May 18, 2012


printed mesh dress: Salvation Army (Lawrence, KS)
black tube skirt (underneath): H&M

I ran across this dress one day as I was browsing salvation. It was misplaced among all the other clothes and at first glance it was the ugliest of things but as i circled around the rest of the racks i couldn't help but come back. It's one of those "it's kinda so ugly that it works" type of things.

I would like to pattern from it to make a simple solid mesh dress- although i can only imagine how annoying sewing stretchy, thin mesh material would be. It's downside in wearing is that it stretches out so easy- especially in the sleeves.  I would accessorize this with tons of gold bangles and cuffs but as I'm sort of living in two places at the moment I don't have hardly any jewelry with me.

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