Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Dream Versace

Upon my fear of the postal service losing another package here at my apartment & my strange ability to only buy a few accessories when downtown, I honestly hadn't bought a new item of clothing since the move to Chicago....until this week!  I've recently started working at a resale shop in Wicker Park that focuses mostly on contemporary fashions.  Given duties that require me to see these items multiple times a day, be it helping man the dressing rooms or straightening racks...I find myself keeping an eye on a couple of items while trying to simultaneously resist the urge to actually put them on hold for myself.  There were two things this week however that I would have fought to the death being these vintage Versace pants:

I MELTED when I first came upon them

Although I wish for a slightly more tapered pant or one with a bit longer to cuff, I am so glad I spent a whopping $9.50 on these bad boys.  When considering how to wear, I was a little stumped at how to pull the look together...but obviously I think simple was the best option.  Being that they aree such a statement in and of themselves I opted for a loose chiffon tank top -tucked in- and a simple pair of black heels.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Today's post is all about my dreams and aspirations and ultimately my apparent desire to stay a little girl forever.  Inspired by the toy I always wanted as a child- the lifesize toy jeep is still my dream car...but you know, it'd be a real car.  I can just picture it; me and my favorite boy (my german shepherd- lab mix Boo Radley) cruising down the streets of LA or Miami in a lavender Jeep with white roll bars. Wouldn't that just be the most kawaii thing?  Alas, I'll have to settle for some Barbie colored nails for the moment.

1. Cream Pink (152) - Sinful Colors
2. Teal (564) - L.A. Colors
3. Lavender/On a Trip (213C)- Wet 'n Wild Megalast

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Greetings, earthlings!  Hope all is well!  Today I thought I would post about one of my favorite ways of accessorizing: the "wear a watch as an anklet" look. (Is there any way to say it that sounds more sophisticated?)  I can't stake claim to this beautiful idea, but I'm a whole-hearted fan & avid user of it.  As I've mentioned Style on the Hill before, this fabulous idea came from a time on the blog prior to it's revamp, a time long long ago in a far off street style girl on campus obviously knew what was up.  Unfortunately, being so far back in the archives, I'm not sure the post even exists to use as reference but all I can say is,  "thank you girl whoever you were!"

Although completely impractical in a watch's actual function, it works.  I love the way of re-inventing and re-using items for unintended purposes.  I even got a hearty chuckle & a "girl, is that a watch?" out of it from a lovely rotund, black woman in passing when I was walking around downtown a few weeks ago while sporting the watch anklet.

Another thing I love is this muscle tee dress I got for cheaps at H&M this summer.  The first week I owned it, I didn't take it off (i.e.- 7 entire days & no real desire to actually stop except for the fact that friends had started to notice and worry about my well-being and sanity).  Alas, we all have those moments! Right?

Anyway, to make the look complete I decided that if I'm being weird with this watch thing, why not draw all the attention there with some shear polka dots socks and my slick black & gold booties.  I also tend to wear shorts under dresses because I'm a 6 year old, and to give the look a bit of color I chose some shiny pink spandex biker shorts from AA.

thanks for reading! xx Alex

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today I completely and totally dedicate this post to one of my amazing friends, Sabrina Liedtke.  Late last week she was in a serious accident and broke more than a fair share of bones.  She's currently going through surgeries but thankfully a full recovery is expected--keep my lady in your thoughts and prayers, please.  As Sabrina has been on my mind and heart, I thought of the times I spent with her and it was all due to working on Style on the Hill, a street style blog at the University of Kansas she founded.  If I haven't mentioned it prior to now, I don't know how not--S.O.T.H. consumed a lot of my "free" time last year during school, but I was so excited and honored to get to be a part of it and I became great friends with a lovely group of talented individuals.  Starting in January, Sabs decided to do a weekly post entitled Tomboy Tuesdays and not long after I began shooting her looks with her for every week.  We spent a lot of time together running around throwing looks together and finding locations (most of which were random peoples yards and porches :)  Tomboy Tuesdays was great because I could totally relate, as many, I think, can.  I was the girl who had two older brothers and who wanted to desparately be as cool as I thought they were, I loved hot wheels and making mud pies and dolls were something foreign to me.  I played softball since I was 9, and every other sport in between.  I loved it, and I miss it; but thankfully I have the ability to live vicariously as my little tomboy self still through my wardrobe every now and again.



This past weekend it's been pretty dreary in the windy city, and I am by no means complaining.  It gives me an excuse to drink too much coffee in a day and never take off my slippers.  As a newly employed woman of the work force once again after a month hiatus (hoorah!) I decided I would maybe see if I could trick out my wardrobe a tiny bit for some new threads.  On my little trip downtown I realized two things: 

1. I am way too damn picky when it comes to clothes
2. This is probably a good thing

Nonetheless, I did end up bringing home a lovely piece to add to my ever-growing accessory collection (the one area of my wardrobe that I DON'T under any circumstances need to expand). But whatever, doesn't this felted dark green leopard print cap from H&M look super baller?  To answer my rhetorical question---YES.  In previous experience, however, I've had trouble even beginning to think about how to style hats, and to be honest this one was a doozey.  Thanks to my lovely Tomboy Tuesday references & Sabrina's tips and tricks though I forged on and delved deep into my closet.   I think I eventually made a successful enough look that hopefully makes me look effortlessly cool.  It's always a weird balancing act but it's a fun challenge, you just have to be willing to experiment!

The look: Mesh Button-Up Hoodie, Goodwill Lawrence, KS ($2-3)
Grey Basic Open-Back Cotton Dress, H&M (under $10)
Camo-Leopard Print Cap, H&M ($13)

Finish the look with something girly, like a light pink lip--
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (015, Cherish Devotion)

Check out for past Tomboy Tuesday stories and many more interesting street style photos of the beautiful people of Lawrence, KS

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Although I enjoy dressing up and "going out" I find myself more often than not, in nice jeans, chelsea boots, and a simple top.  Last night I made it out to a show at Lincoln Hall here in Chicago, and didn't want to look like I was trying too know? YOU KNOW.  I struggle with this dilemma I like to call-- trying to look like you're not trying too hard but like you're actually still trying enough--.  Basically I just want look too cool to care; that this cool essence just happens because I'm irrevocably cool (too bad my awkward presence and lack of skill in interacting with other humans in public offsets all of this).  Still, I made the attempt and felt successful.  By using simple pieces that already had special details to them, it made my life easy, breezy, beautiful and I love when a fuzzy cheetah print purse on a gold chain goes with an outfit because most doesn't.

Also, if you've kept up on reading my previous posts this last week or so, I am happy to announce that I've accepted a job offer.  I will be working in Wicker Park at Crossroads Trading Company-- if you're in Chicago bring me in some Marc Jacobs and we'll strike up a deal :)


Monday, September 9, 2013

Malibu Barbie x Lara Croft

Hello, and welcome to my favorite outfit.  We all have our go-to outfits, even if that means a pair of jeans and a white tee, but this summer I found a favorite pairing that was a little louder than your set of basics--but just as easy to throw on and go.  A small black cap-sleeve shirt, loose palm tree print shorts, and ankle-strap sandals and I'm out the door feeling like I can still easily take over the world--

Maybe it's mixing of the ponytail and short shorts with sunglasses, a palm tree print and lots of pink but I feel like this look is where Lara Croft meets Malibu Barbie. AND WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT!??!!!


Orange lipstick is also something I dared to venture into this summer, and although VERY VERY skeptical as a redhead, I was surprised to immediately fall in love.  With this look, I think it compliments the blue hues nicely and with a simple pony & pretty basic face of makeup it adds some extra flavor to the casualness of the look.

DEETS--  Palm Tree Print Dolphin Shorts: Forever21
Django Sunglasses: ZeroUV
Pointed Toe Sandals: Zara
Lipstick: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids, Electric Orange

Thursday, September 5, 2013


 Let me preface my long, and drawn out blog post by commenting on how I've blogged three days in a row with a 6-month or so hiatus prior, so I'm going to pat myself on the back.  On to the goods:

Yesterday after a job interview (which we will talk about later) I somehow wandered into a Sephora. I've been eyeing OCC's Lip Tar ever since the first time I heard about it...and then I just kept hearing about it.  $18 a pop though?? A GIRL CAN DREAM...and with about a billion colors to choose from online, I kept dreaming-- you don't wanna be stuck w/ a color that looks ungodly.  Thanks to my favorite beauty expert & photographer friend, Bailey Munson, I frantically messaged her to see if she'd tried the product and if so if she had suggestions!  Upon her suggestion, I purchased the color "Queen" and I'm definitely in love!

Oh...speaking of that whole interview business...the look I posted yesterday was what I was wearing.  This outfit I threw on today has been one of my other favorite go-to interview outfits.  Again, black and white have become my favorite colors of choice.  This trumpet/tulip (whatever they're calling it these days) is definitely great because I am totally seeing the look coming into this fall season--funny thing is I bought this very randomly at a Charlotte Russe store in Topeka, KS last winter on a really strange premonition and, hey, I couldn't lose at $2 on the sale rack!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's cool that unempoyment right out of college gives me some spare time to blog, but in all honestly I have been out there trying and trying over and over again and the real world is seriously... SUCH A BITCH.  I've been on A LOT of interviews these past couple of weeks though, which is promising; some more recently being second interviews and some being very specific to my interests even (cross your fingers on me being gainfully employed in the near future!).  Today I had an interview for a receptionist position at an upscale hair salon--this is what I wore!  

I think it works for this type of position because black is classic and in a trendy cut it's still very relavant.  I've been dragging along my briefcase-esk purse which holds my folder of resumes and references nicely.  I've been wearing my black Zara sandals almost every where as well because they just seem to add a nice little touch of uber-chicness to a look (and they are flats, which is sooo great).  I'll post more of the looks I've worn to interviews because I thought that even though a few of them went less stellar than I'd hoped, I sure looked the part each time.  I've been getting creative because I'm too lazy to figure out the laundry room in my complex still, so I've concocted quite a few new looks I didn't even know I could pull out of my exisitng wardrobe!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The day I walked into Hobby Lobby and realized all the beads were 50% -and that it would include that gigantic 1 lb. tub of acrylic gemstones I'd been eyeing previously- was one of the most beautiful days of my life.  That day was probably almost a year ago, and I've still got a ridiculous amount of gemstones left.  I've been trying to get creative on how to use them in a mildly excessive manner recently, and to what some may call fate (or too much time spent lurking the internet) I came across this lovely image of a pair of embellished jeans:

Putting two and two together I decided to spend a Sunday morning doing a little crafting which meant glueing all of my fingers together while trying to do a decent enough DIY to actually want to wear them in public.  Although I've no idea the bonding properties, blah-de-blah- of the glue I used, let's just say it was the really pungent kind (both smell and strength-wise).  I wore them out to lunch yesterday and fell asleep in them for the afternoon after lunch after too much pizza, and they held up completely fine--we'll have to see about a wash cycle later but I'm sure turning them inside-out will help a lot.

Ta-da! I feel like these jeans, like many, can be dressed up or down as long as your look is still pretty basic--for example white button down/white pumps-- but I'll stick to a baseball or oversized tee & converse any day of the week. I must admit I'd rather have had jeans that were a little baggier/boyfriend style but this was a pair I had that I didn't feel worried experimenting on and hey, Young Alex would be so proud of my Barbie jeans, and that's all I could ask for.