Wednesday, October 1, 2014


When I'm not saving the world as a Sailor Moon Scout....

I'm dressed like a really rad schoolgirl and I probably live in Japan.

Fall suggestions from A weirdo:

Mix patterns in the same color/shade with pieces of your outfit for a put together but whimsical look. Ex. Green Leopard Fitted Ballcap + Green Tartan Plaid Pleated Skirt

Blazers and Graphic T-shirts.  Together.  Because sometimes it gets hot and you don't need your blazer.  And sometimes you are walking home late in the evening and you are cold.  They also balance out a look from becoming too casual or too stuffy.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I'm going to start a weekly thing:I'm calling it.....


and obviously my first post had to be in the only pink i own to pay homage to Mean Girls<2

With the weird weather I've been wearing sweaters, so I dug this one out of my trunk today!

Wearing a denim shirt underneath a sweater makes me feel like a school teacher...but, like, a hip one ~~ And that way the itchiness of the sweater is long forgotten.

See u next week!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


AH, The Midwest...always toying with my emotions and testing my body's ability at adjusting to drastic temperature change.

As September has come into full effect, so has this need for cinnamon apple scented candles in my home and blankets and dogs and cuddles.

Another need?

A closet swap.

Summer is still lingering here on a sunny afternoon, but these 7am mornings I meet and greet hang out at a mild 40 degrees as of late.  This calls for a few things:

1. Thigh high socks

2. Flannel

3. Lots of black

Who doesn't love running around in tall socks and playing in drapey fabrics?

U may love or hate the flannel at the waist.  i love it because it is practical for the change in temperatures throughout a Kansas day... and i feel like Hey Arnold.

k. bye<3

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Sometimes you just want to be cute!  Fashion can be cute!

I like wearing my "you ain't kawaii, bitch" white t with something a little more dressed up--like a structured skirt, like so.

That's all.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


There's one thing a girl like me won't tell you she does....

Really though...we all that type of girl...

The one that uses Pinterest, ayyyyy

So today "I'm a pinterest post."

I did laundry and cooked a spaghetti squash last night, while i painted some cheap gold dollar store frames.  I epitomized what it meant to be a housewife and I loved all the minutes of it.  Tonight I'm making brownies for a work function and repotting my plant, in case you were wondering.

But I'd like to think of my craftiness as a little more intuitive than the reposted-upon-reposted "how-to hang your necklaces from a photo frame" type of creation.  I dangled a fake bug in a frame so i'm edgy enough, right?

I've yet to decide where to place these amongst the apartment.  They were very spur of the moment!  The bug will obviously be in the bathroom or kitchen could I not.

((Also...i'm still having the most unfortunate time balancing whites via upload to blogspot.  If you have advice gimmeeee. I've attempted to turn saturation down many-a-time to no avail </3))

As if to call myself out further, here's a link to my "for the home" board on pinterest. I fessed up, what about u?


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Effort for the Effortlessness

Today I offer up my apologizes for the millionth time in conjunction to the fact that I suck at blogging on a regular basis.  Today I blame it on having had strep last week, which is one of my better excuses, if I do say so.

In my battles of the all that ill, I still tried to look half-way decent--as I had a few friends visiting from far off states for only the weekend...I could not lie in bed ALL day.  I tried for the "effortless" look with a long skirt...and lots of blush and a hefty dose of mascara on my face to aid in looking more human.

Great for me, I was only going to family (other families...not my own, mind you) barbecues and other more casual things.  I wanted to look put together as not to embarass my friends, but you never wanna stick out like a sore thumb in such situations either!

Effortlessness can most easily be defined by a piece of clothing by the "maxi skirt".  She's a thing of beauty and a thing of real terror.  Generally I feel like a taller lump of a few limbs than I already am in a I haven't worn one in years.  This maxi skirt i recently picked up, however, has a undeniable movement to the bottom of the skirt that bandaged all my fears and made me a believer again.  I felt alive (but it was probably all of these prescriptions for my infection).

So if you wanna be comfortable and look put together, I suggest a somewhat fitted and flared maxi for such occasions as the family meet-and-greet.

Give it a twirl.
Give it a whirl.

Be Back Soon <3<3

Thursday, August 21, 2014


It takes a foundation of (some) knowledge and knowing the break them-- and not play by them.  This is something that I feel happens within my photos, how i cook, and how i dress myself.

White balance is a thing that I love and hate (like many trained photographers, I presume).  I'm focused on it sometimes, yes, but other times the important part is to "bend those stupid rules and regulations".

Today's post may just make me seem like a lazy photographer, but i like to think of myself as someone who is actually paying a great deal to the light and it's color when i'm shooting.

So, dressed in all white, I give you some colorful photos:

I was so happy to finally pick up a pair of white the end of summer >.<  Be on the look out for how I'm going to wear them throughout the fall/winter though because Labor Day never stopped me from no thangs.

Hope I didn't kill a photographers' soul today. <3

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today we venture a little off into left field, for a post.  Although we aren't talking hip & cool & clothing or makeup things...this post is definitely #TRENDY in it's own ways.

Running has become trendy.  It's the 5K the 10K the 1/2 marathon.

There's one thing I hate...


To me (and I am hella jaded when it comes to this topic) running and its trendiness has hit a climax.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

But I shouldn't be so upset, and really, I'm not.  Aside from other forms that trends come packaged in...physical activity is good. DUH.

Let me give you a lay of the land, if you are not familiar with my upbringing--
My father started running road races about the time my oldest brother was born..i think...idk that was a looong time ago.  It's been a family staple since..and although it's a total lie based on the number of months prior to my birth.. but I tell people I ran the Lincoln Marathon with my mother in 1990. I attended road races in the most-middle-of-nowhere towns you could imagine in the deep underworlds of Kansas.  It was fun tagging along as a kid...I would get a ribbon or frisbee or a shirt 10 sizes too big just for running a fun run.

Running seems to be a way of life for some.  And for my oldest brother this is probably somehow an understatement.  He "runs professionally."  Marathons, halves, what-have-you.  My sister-in-laws run.  My mom still runs. My dad still runs. My other brother slays w/a tennis raquet. But then...there's ALEX.  The rebel, the forever-problem-child of the generation....or the kid who just couldn't focus on one, singular activity.

My mom likes to run because it gives her happy endorphens or something. RUNNERS R CRAZY TBH.
My dad runs because he's always done it.  If he's not working at the office or on the farm he's running.
My brother runs like twice a day or some shit.  And if he's not, he's slingin' running shoes at Manhattan Running Company.

Running is something different to everyone.  And for me...running didn't do anything for me but cause me injury and a lot of whining about how much it sucked.  But I did it off and on because I was decent at it, between those injuries and seasons of tennis and softball, of course.


I decided, as a trendy bitch....running must be my next battle. One I've fought with before, but now feel ready to face with the music.  So, to be 100% honest I've been running on the regular, for about a month now...a far cry from the numerous times I've gone out for a run once a month thinking it was going to become a daily occurence. Now, I've tried to focus on the idea of what running is to me, how it fits into my daily life, and I think that is why I am still sticking with it.  Although I hate to admit- stress and anxieties riddle me.  Running has helped me get me out of funks, and it is a nice way to stretch out my bones after a day of sitting in a cube.  It's nice to feel focused.

So, if you wanna be a trendy bitch, I say go ahead.  This is one trend that won't hurt your wallet (okay that is a totally lie...cute sports bras and shorts are still a guilty pleasure) and is a positive thing for your body and mind.  Don't ask me to be on your warrior team or mud thing or color thing though...I'll run in the opposite direction screaming insanities.

A few tips and things (although I'm no profesh):

1. Get RUNNING shoes from a RUNNING SPECIFIC STORE.  My brother will kill me if I don't make enough of a point of this.  Lucky for the trendy bitches of today..running shoes come in "HOT" colors now. So feel anew.

2.  Don't start out like a crazy woman.  I learn this about every time I "start running again".  Take it slow even though you don't want to.  And vary up your days with other things like dance or yoga or tennis, etc.

3.  Find out why you really want to run and make sure it's a convincing enough reason for you.  This was always my problem, I think.  A main goal for many is to lose weight and get in shape.  I didn't need to lose weight, in fact, I needed to gain it.  So my goal was to get in shape and to use it as an aid to my stressful days.  It's going well so far!  (**make sure your diet/calorie intake is in tune w/what you are doing...or you'll DIE).

**AND shout outs 2 my bro-bro always for the kicks hook-up.  Feeling pritty in my Newton running shoes when I run...and guilty when I'm not running **


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A few months ago I spent the day with my mother and grandmother shopping and antiquing.  The location: Middle-of-Nowhere Kansas (to name a few towns...possibly unincorporated ones-- Belleville, Scandia, Cuba.  These places were landmines for treasures of years past. And me?  A kid in a candy store.  But one of the most interesting spots we "hit up" was a place called the Feathered Nest. A skeptic, per usual, I questioned my mom's constant RAVING about it.  But for once in my life, she was right and I was wrong (lol luv u mom).  We spent damn near 2 hours there and I could have stayed longer.  The ladies who owned it were lovely and boy did they have a knack for interior design.  Upon my mom's raving, she said, "Alex, you have to check out the bathroom!!1!"  and in the span of our 2+ hour stay, I did.  I walked in, greeted by a large painting of a german shepherd (my weakness<3) and then the sink caught my attention. I know, a sink? catching attention?  It was a circular basin sink and inside the bowl they had placed large polished stones.

So. being a creep. I took pix in the bathroom.
And then as soon as I got back that weekend I went and bought some rocks.

So here's my sink `*1!!1~~!_@``~**

Not nearly as fancy of a basin sink as they had had, but mine is a simple pedestal I don't think it looks too outta whack.

There are a few things, if you want to do this with your own sink to remember though:

1. You are going to have to (and I mean HAVE TO) clean your sink at leeeast once a week.  You don't want scummy rocks.  I'm a clean freak, especially since I started living solo, so it's nothing unordinary to me.

2.  MAKE SURE your rocks don't have jagged edges or are too rough that they'll damage your sink.  I rent a place and I'm not down to buy a new sink come the end of my lease.

3.  This may be something for you that's more practical in a guest room/bath type of situation.  They will be like "hey that's cool" and you will feel successful @ life and also won't have to clean it nearly as often

And lastly, a tip on cleaning sinks: use a tiny spray of pledge and a soft, dry rag to shine the stainless steel/faucet.  You'll be amazed by the reflection you see of yourself :P


Sunday, July 27, 2014


Have you noticed (how have you not noticed?) the surplus of 90s trends flooding the internet, shops, and the sidewalks of your basic-ass town?  Something has to be done.  I'm all for the 90s,  i'm a child of the year of 1991, and I can relate.  But there's this thing about is supposed to (at least, in my eyes...and i believe those of the "higher ups") be forever changing. 

 Fashion reverts back to decades past  ALL THE TIME... and I'm not trying to be oblivious to this fact when we talk about the 90s resurgence.  However,  maybe this is the first time I've come in contact with a reoccuring trend in the span on my 23 years.  This must be how my mom felt when i started wearing flare-leg jeans in 1999.  It's confusing.  But, for any trend to continue for more than the brief span many microtrends now-a-days incur, they need to be trends of the past...reconsidered in their current time and place.  Honestly, if I see you wearing jelly shoes that look EXACTLY like the ones I had when i was 6, I'm gonna throw a shade fit...and to be honest (i've been there) you're going to regret your decisions almost stop wasting your hard earned daddy's money.  (wow, I'm a bitch today!)

But there are some small, less obvious things I think we should embrace--

My vote is on brown lipstick.  You know exactly what I'm talking about when i say this because of Rachel from Friends, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...pretty much every movie or show then.  It's brown or a brownish-red, every time.

In the early 2000s I think things got more metallic (I can't say for sure because I was like 10, I only liked blue eyeshadow or something).  But  I came upon a perfectly brown and metallic mix a while back-- Iced Mocha by Revlon.  I don't think they've changed the color since the 90s to be honest...but in this case... IT IS OKAY*!*!

So I hope you take this post with a grain of salt.  I'm mostly afraid of how easily the mass-markets suck us into buying these "trendy" things because they know it works (and I'll admit again, I've been caught red-handed more than a share of times), and especially with people of my generation right now.  But I get it,  I just wanna be a Pretty Woman, too.  So sit down and drink an iced mocha before you decide on whether you want that "urban renewal" piece.


Monday, July 21, 2014


There are some things that just never sound appetizing.  For me that is oatmeal.  Is it the bothersome consistency, the blandness of taste and color?  I'm not sure.  But damn if I don't eat oatmeal every morning...because it is good for you and cheap cheap and can be dressed up so it doesn't even taste like itself anymore.

Today's post is mostly about that bland bland color....
but you know i love neutrals, so this is a happy post!

Taupe shorts with sequins?  It's kinda like when you put equal parts brown sugar in your's real real good like

I'm so happy to have snagged these tap shorts at Zara's sale going on while i was in NYC.  I shouldn't have gotten them..but then again I shouldn't get a lot of things I get..

I decided that a simple black # on top would be fitting.  I am also really into pairing browns and blacks lately to stick it to the man and whatever

These shorts are fun! They twirl a lot like a skirt but hallelujah they r not a skirt!

I also considered what my face should be like.  This is obviously a more dressed up, going out look. But with velvet and sequins already working wonders for you...keeping your face calm and collected is probably the best look.  Clean eyeliner, brown shadow, and some color with red lips and you're outta the house on time!

It's important too to consider how to wear these kinds of "dressy" pieces in a more casual look.  Lately I've been wandering around the apartment in nothing but this oatmeal colored sweater I stole from an older brother while back home.  It's nice a slumpy and balances the tailored shorts well!

Catch me in sequins next time at the supermarket >.<