Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Effort for the Effortlessness

Today I offer up my apologizes for the millionth time in conjunction to the fact that I suck at blogging on a regular basis.  Today I blame it on having had strep last week, which is one of my better excuses, if I do say so.

In my battles of the all that ill, I still tried to look half-way decent--as I had a few friends visiting from far off states for only the weekend...I could not lie in bed ALL day.  I tried for the "effortless" look with a long skirt...and lots of blush and a hefty dose of mascara on my face to aid in looking more human.

Great for me, I was only going to family (other families...not my own, mind you) barbecues and other more casual things.  I wanted to look put together as not to embarass my friends, but you never wanna stick out like a sore thumb in such situations either!

Effortlessness can most easily be defined by a piece of clothing by the "maxi skirt".  She's a thing of beauty and a thing of real terror.  Generally I feel like a taller lump of a few limbs than I already am in a maxi...so I haven't worn one in years.  This maxi skirt i recently picked up, however, has a undeniable movement to the bottom of the skirt that bandaged all my fears and made me a believer again.  I felt alive (but it was probably all of these prescriptions for my infection).

So if you wanna be comfortable and look put together, I suggest a somewhat fitted and flared maxi for such occasions as the family meet-and-greet.

Give it a twirl.
Give it a whirl.

Be Back Soon <3<3

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