Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I'm going to start a weekly thing:I'm calling it.....


and obviously my first post had to be in the only pink i own to pay homage to Mean Girls<2

With the weird weather I've been wearing sweaters, so I dug this one out of my trunk today!

Wearing a denim shirt underneath a sweater makes me feel like a school teacher...but, like, a hip one ~~ And that way the itchiness of the sweater is long forgotten.

See u next week!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


AH, The Midwest...always toying with my emotions and testing my body's ability at adjusting to drastic temperature change.

As September has come into full effect, so has this need for cinnamon apple scented candles in my home and blankets and dogs and cuddles.

Another need?

A closet swap.

Summer is still lingering here on a sunny afternoon, but these 7am mornings I meet and greet hang out at a mild 40 degrees as of late.  This calls for a few things:

1. Thigh high socks

2. Flannel

3. Lots of black

Who doesn't love running around in tall socks and playing in drapey fabrics?

U may love or hate the flannel at the waist.  i love it because it is practical for the change in temperatures throughout a Kansas day... and i feel like Hey Arnold.

k. bye<3

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Sometimes you just want to be cute!  Fashion can be cute!

I like wearing my "you ain't kawaii, bitch" white t with something a little more dressed up--like a structured skirt, like so.

That's all.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


There's one thing a girl like me won't tell you she does....

Really though...we all that type of girl...

The one that uses Pinterest, ayyyyy

So today "I'm a pinterest post."

I did laundry and cooked a spaghetti squash last night, while i painted some cheap gold dollar store frames.  I epitomized what it meant to be a housewife and I loved all the minutes of it.  Tonight I'm making brownies for a work function and repotting my plant, in case you were wondering.

But I'd like to think of my craftiness as a little more intuitive than the reposted-upon-reposted "how-to hang your necklaces from a photo frame" type of creation.  I dangled a fake bug in a frame so i'm edgy enough, right?

I've yet to decide where to place these amongst the apartment.  They were very spur of the moment!  The bug will obviously be in the bathroom or kitchen could I not.

((Also...i'm still having the most unfortunate time balancing whites via upload to blogspot.  If you have advice gimmeeee. I've attempted to turn saturation down many-a-time to no avail </3))

As if to call myself out further, here's a link to my "for the home" board on pinterest. I fessed up, what about u?


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Effort for the Effortlessness

Today I offer up my apologizes for the millionth time in conjunction to the fact that I suck at blogging on a regular basis.  Today I blame it on having had strep last week, which is one of my better excuses, if I do say so.

In my battles of the all that ill, I still tried to look half-way decent--as I had a few friends visiting from far off states for only the weekend...I could not lie in bed ALL day.  I tried for the "effortless" look with a long skirt...and lots of blush and a hefty dose of mascara on my face to aid in looking more human.

Great for me, I was only going to family (other families...not my own, mind you) barbecues and other more casual things.  I wanted to look put together as not to embarass my friends, but you never wanna stick out like a sore thumb in such situations either!

Effortlessness can most easily be defined by a piece of clothing by the "maxi skirt".  She's a thing of beauty and a thing of real terror.  Generally I feel like a taller lump of a few limbs than I already am in a I haven't worn one in years.  This maxi skirt i recently picked up, however, has a undeniable movement to the bottom of the skirt that bandaged all my fears and made me a believer again.  I felt alive (but it was probably all of these prescriptions for my infection).

So if you wanna be comfortable and look put together, I suggest a somewhat fitted and flared maxi for such occasions as the family meet-and-greet.

Give it a twirl.
Give it a whirl.

Be Back Soon <3<3