Thursday, February 27, 2014


Today I’m going to be blogging about one of my favorite pastimes…


To most easily explain the concept of throwing shade, if you aren't educated on the masterful art, let me begin by quoting Dorian Corey:  

Shade is I don't tell you you're ugly but I don't have to tell you because you know you're ugly 
... and that's shade.

This is exactly where my outfit today comes in:

don't fuck with me


Shade is very much about attitude.  You don't really need to say anything (which is great, in this case, when you are trying to throw shade with the aid of your apparel).   One of the most effective ways to throw shade may just be by presenting yourself to others in a manner that lets it be known that you are far superior.

Octavia St. Laurent does this very well....don't fuckk with her.

What says -I don't give a shit about your measly life?- more than a basic grey crewneck
 with such an in-your-face statement. 
I'll be rocking this in the club

I am also really excited about this sweatshirt in general, because I know I'm probably the only human out there wearing it.  That gives me even more power to throw shade.  Needless to say I will be making much more custom clothing in the near future.

For those of you that want to become more knowledgeable about ballroom culture, throwing shade, being the ultimate diva, here's a few things you should consider watching:
And please, if anything watch Paris is Burning (it's on Netflix right now)

"Having a ball...wish you were here"
Until next time,

Friday, February 21, 2014



I think that boys that dress well are veryyy attractive.  Not all people feel the same, but, that’s good because then I can have all of the well-dressed men to myself.   For me, fashion and personal style are an important (not crucial, by any means) commonality that I think makes a guy more compatible for me--- basically-- that we like the same shit, and that he won’t judge me for squawking on and on about a pair of liquid gold nike air max that I will never actually own. But alas, they are still men, and why am I still talking about them right now!

The thing about being attracted to something is that, more often than not, you find the desire to try and emulate whatever that attraction is in yourself.  A very long story, short, I like dressing like a stylish boy because I'm attracted to that.


A: What is a stylish girl even? Give me a break

I think stylish people, no matter gender, look like they just kinda have their shit together.  Even if they have a "messy look" you can tell that they know exactly what they are doing, they playin' with you.  It's mostly about being confident in what you are wearing...confidence is sexy.  Confident boys in nice clothes r sexy.


I grew up inheriting a lot of hand-me-downs from my two older brothers.  I was such a little tomboy, I was always much more excited when they grew out of something of theirs so i could have it than getting a cute new dress.  I also just thought my brothers were cool (being older=cool) so getting something of their's meant I was the coolest.

I feel very confident when I'm dressed like a dude, and you should, too:

The nice thing about clothes and styling looks is that you can choose to balance or off-set a look.  While I enjoy my dude clothes, I like to subtley preach my femininity to the choir.  A face of makeup and the fact I (sort of) have hips and a chest let's me be something different.   Let's hope the boys agree.

So, just to be clear-- Who runs the world?


Geo-camo print pants: Cult of Individuality
Boots: Timberland
Cotton Cubs jersey: A little boys

In closing, I would like to note a few things:
2. I have finally added the option to follow my blog via email!!! Just add your address in the bar to the right of my blog & voila! Friends forever!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


The whole "no white after Labor Day" argument doesn't really apply when you never really remember when labor day is anyway.  To protest such an outdated (and frankly, dumb) fashion do/don't, I'm going to throw myself into a sea of whites this winter season and NO ONE CAN STOP MEEE!

I will be honest, I think that there are many many ways and good reasons white shouldn't show its true colors in the winter months.  As I mentioned previously in my all grey everythang post, you must make the entire outfit (in this case, we will be talking all white/off-white) become the statement, not a singular piece.

For the look it will just take a lot of trial and error.  Like greys, whites vary drastically in tonality--some are almost yellow, while starchy blue tones often appear, too. 

 Here are some more suggestions for pairing whites and off-whites:

1. TEXTURE per usual. A big bulky sweater may be your new best friend.  Do not be afraid to really go for it here.  It's winter and you can go with a heavier fabric on bottom, too, like i did with this quilted skirt.

2. Consider the number of pieces you have.  Evens are better than odds if you are pairing a very bright white and a very This way, no one is overpowering the other.  Unlike the monochromatic grey look, you can get away with just two!

3.  White tights don't look good on anyone.  They might look acceptable on me because my legs are already ghostly white (altogether, terrifying) in the wintertime, but I'm not going to chance it, and you shouldn't either.

4.  You can't find white jeans/pants anywhere (probably because of the post-labor day haters) but they will surely be appearing soon for the spring collections.

5.  This would look very very nice with all white Nike Air Max 1s (anything would look good with all white Nike Air Max 1s) just ask Ivania, THE MASTER of all white.

6.  If you opt for a skirt because you are like me and spent endless amounts of time searching for white pants and came up empty handed, you may want to keep your lower limbs warm with some opaque black tights and all black boots.  The black will not draw much attention and keep your shiny white threads in the spotlight.

7.  DON'T SIT DOWN... EVER (the number of nightmares I've had solely about sitting in something while wearing light pants)

And don't you just love this room?  I am staying at my friend Tyler's family's home for a while in Overland Park while job searching here in Kansas City.  Tyler's mother stages rooms and blogs as well-- their home is so so lovely!  Please check out her blog Beaux R'eves <3

Thanks for reading, xx