Thursday, January 16, 2014


So, as we have come to know, there are like...50 Shades of Grey.  While my go to winter color of despair is all black everything, I felt like posting today about it's close partner in crime--G R E YYY!

Grey can make you feel pretty ugly if you do it wrong, and let me be the first to say I "do it wrong" all the time by living in my collection of grey hoodies.  You must, instead, make the grey in your outfit speak for itself and become a statement...let the people know you are aware you are wearing grey.  This could be based on the structure of a piece-- maybe a bold, textural menswear inspired winter coat--

like oh, i don't know, this beautiful little number from H&M:

Or maybe to make grey your statement is not to depend upon a singular statement piece but to use the combination of many items to make the statement? Like how about grayscaling your life?  I like the sound of it...a monochromatic look...IN GREY


So going through your closet you may want to consider a couple things before just slapping on all your grey pieces:

1. Maybe most importantly, know which tone of grey you are going to wear. Are you going to stick to a warmer or cooler tone of greys?  (Also consider your skin tone in this decision, I look better in a more blue-ish grey).

2.  If you are going to go for a monochromatic look, you have to go all in. Think about your shoes, your accessories, EVERYTHING.  (You can allow room for ONE piece of color, maybe in your footwear or hat game...but you don't want to break up things in the middle of your all grey body palette).

3. As I mentioned earlier with the texture of the coat, consider the textures of your items, too.  They need to be able to separate themselves from one another enough to still accentuate your shape-- you're gonna look like a lump-a-coal if you are all one kind of fabric.  (For the winter, consider a knit or wool top!)

So what did I find in my closet?  A lot of things I wear that normally look boring AF by themselves, but I feel pretty confident with them all together:

(unfortunately with the way blogspot handles the compression of files (ackkk), you can hardly tell my jeans are grey, but i promise they are a light-medium colored grey, not near black)

Overall, I am happy to create such a combination. This may become a go-to outfit for the rest of the winter!


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