Wednesday, June 25, 2014



it means every girl can buy a new swimsuit and not feel bad about it...right?

I feel like it's just a get a new suit ever year (even if you only went to the pool like twice the previous summer and didn't even get wet) you NEED A NEW ONE. Lucky for me I found my Malibu Barbie dream recently (and it doesn't hurt that it makes my chest look like it actually exists in a 3-dimensional realm, hah!)  I don't think I'll want a new one next year...but don't you dare quote me on that...

Sooo this weeks' post is about summer essentials!  Obviously #1--A SPANKIN' NEW SUIT!  It's funny how trendy swimsuits can even get-- you will see a lot of crazy straps (that must take 30 minutes to put on..if you can even figure them out).  High waisted things are probably still making an appearance but like's going back to a more basic, if not, low-rise.  Plain and simple, find one that works best for your body type...I look like a twig in nearly anything, so I was surprised when I put this on! yay!


Staple #2:  Sandals (weapon of choice? metallic birks ) ^^^ 

#3 & #4?

A wide brim (with a little flop to it) hat

a basic pair of jean shorts-- I like the idea of ones with an actual hem because they look a bit more put together than cut-offs

To be honest, you really don't need anything else except lots AND lots of spf 100 for your very pale midsection...don't forget to get your ears, too!

Alex luvs u <3

find my hat here ----> Yellow108

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WHITE WALLS ( and a little black )

As blank as I love keeping my walls to use for plain backdrops in photos...I had to jazz mine up a little because it looked like no one actually lived in the apartment.

The jazz cost about $2.  Making it even more jazzy.

 Taking washi tape (a tape very similar to masking tape, but with less sticky residue and a more paper-like feel)  I created a faux headboard with three quick strips!  I measured up with a tape measure from each side of the bed and marked a few spots in the middle, kept the tape taught when applying, and magically got a much more straight line that I could have ever imagined.

I've had multiple people over, and all be very surprised to find out it wasn't a has a very deceiving 3D effect apparently!

And the only other thing on my walls, you ask? 


Clear clipboards used sort of like you would a picture frame.  The "art"?  Cut out pieces from paper sacks I used as a drop cloth when painting my trunk.  I'm such a punk.

Welcome to my home! I hope you like it!



p.s.-- I'm not sure why blogspot demands to make my photos look like a lumpy pile of grossness...they are originally much more crisp and white </3  if you are blogspotter and have any tips on exporting files or on the upload to blogspot, I'd much appreciate the aid

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Today's post is to show you

"something cool"

As we've discussed previously, I enjoy raiding my parents' humble abode for odds and ends they are "not really using" to furnish my apartment.  Upon my last trip back (to pet dogs and enjoy a fully-stocked fridge)  I began rummaging....


P i Z z A      p L a T e S


P i Z z A      p A r T y i N g

Having not seen these for years AND YEARS, my face had to have been glowing when I pulled these out of a cabinet in the kitchen that houses the essential items that never get used (i.e. a shaved ice machine, some weird pineapple know).

& my favorite thing about them?

the set of six slices makes for one whole pizza pie!

( ´∀`)☆

I've no idea the origin of these plates, but I know they were a gift from a family friend...a whole set with a matching parmesan cheese shaker and pizza stone. (of course, my mom only ever used the pizza stone...SUCH BLASPHEMY!)

Needless to say, these are going to get a little more use out of them here in my apartment.  I can say in utmost confidence...I eat a liiittle more pizza than my parents.  I actually like to make pizza from scratch too so all the better to have pizza plates for!  To be honest,  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to just use them for pizza...even if it seems sinful.

come over soon.

we'll have a pizza party.



Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Ahhh...summers in Kansas (technically i'm kcmo now, but forever indebted to the sunflower the very literal sense of my student loans, of course)  



And, as a typical human being (I think)  I am never completely in tune with the current weather forecast.  If you are reading and not a Kansan or even a Midwesterner, you may not have a good picture of what this unpredictability in the weather entails.  Let's just say I wore a sweater yesterday and it's been raining for 3 days straight and the high has been somewhere in the 60s.  All being said... it was nearing mid-90s here last week *___* u feel me?

So, of course, I can't dress myself.  Thank God I can use the weather as my excuse.

Thankfully, I've created my "early-june-2014 suit"

It is all grey know, I'M THE ONE THAT'S PREDICTABLE

As temps fluctuate, oh, 30 degrees or so my go-to outfit has worked well 

tank top + ankle-length pants

the perfect solution to cover up your legs you haven't shaved yet for the summer, while allowing you to sweat it all out when the sun decides to make it's undoubted appearance.

Statement things like...oh, silver birks are my cup of tea and we are still sticking to a beautiful color palette, you see? 

Intricate details are fun in a monochromatic look, like the zips on my pants 
and the weaving around the arms of this tank

Man, I need to wash these pieces...but what settings do I use for grey, Mom?


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As I've posted a bit about it before,  I've recently moved into my own studio apartment.  It's my first time living alone...(with my pet rat, of course) and it's been really lovely!  It's amazing what a mess I can create within minutes of sifting through my closet!  And the kitchen?!  I'm incredible at dirtying ALL of my dishes in one quick session.  But knowing you're the sole creator of the mess....makes you a bit of a clean freak, so thankfully if you come on a good day, it's pretty tidy.

Since this is my first time living sans-roommates, I had a weird amalgamation of items in my possession...and did not have a single pot or, was I a shitty roommate?  Nonetheless, I've been trying to slowwwlyy add to my collection of crap, in a thoughtful and more minimal manner this time around.

So when I realized I had no furniture and that I was going to still be picky about it...I lived in a very empty apartment for the first month.  Only now is it looking a bit more liveable.  My newest acquisition(s) are what I'm going to show you today!

One thing that is nice to have are side tables.  One thing that is expensive when you go looking for them is...side tables.  I'm not loaded here, and hey, I already had to splurge on some pots and pans recently!



FOR WHAT? $8-10 for a tv tray? SOLD

IT WAS SO EASY. I don't even need to explain.

The tray is nice to add because all your little odds and ends (DEAR LAWD the amount of bobby pins lurking in my apartment) are contained.  I was so lucky to stumble upon this tray's heavy and ceramic and was on sale <3___<3

The maybe even greater thing about doing this is that you can use the tray for BREAKFAST IN BED

And you can not feel like a piece of scum for eating in bed, but instead, feel really cool...cuz yr cool

So...with that...who wants to come make me breakfast?  I'll be in bed.