Wednesday, June 25, 2014



it means every girl can buy a new swimsuit and not feel bad about it...right?

I feel like it's just a get a new suit ever year (even if you only went to the pool like twice the previous summer and didn't even get wet) you NEED A NEW ONE. Lucky for me I found my Malibu Barbie dream recently (and it doesn't hurt that it makes my chest look like it actually exists in a 3-dimensional realm, hah!)  I don't think I'll want a new one next year...but don't you dare quote me on that...

Sooo this weeks' post is about summer essentials!  Obviously #1--A SPANKIN' NEW SUIT!  It's funny how trendy swimsuits can even get-- you will see a lot of crazy straps (that must take 30 minutes to put on..if you can even figure them out).  High waisted things are probably still making an appearance but like's going back to a more basic, if not, low-rise.  Plain and simple, find one that works best for your body type...I look like a twig in nearly anything, so I was surprised when I put this on! yay!


Staple #2:  Sandals (weapon of choice? metallic birks ) ^^^ 

#3 & #4?

A wide brim (with a little flop to it) hat

a basic pair of jean shorts-- I like the idea of ones with an actual hem because they look a bit more put together than cut-offs

To be honest, you really don't need anything else except lots AND lots of spf 100 for your very pale midsection...don't forget to get your ears, too!

Alex luvs u <3

find my hat here ----> Yellow108

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