Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Ahhh...summers in Kansas (technically i'm kcmo now, but forever indebted to the sunflower state...in the very literal sense of my student loans, of course)  



And, as a typical human being (I think)  I am never completely in tune with the current weather forecast.  If you are reading and not a Kansan or even a Midwesterner, you may not have a good picture of what this unpredictability in the weather entails.  Let's just say I wore a sweater yesterday and it's been raining for 3 days straight and the high has been somewhere in the 60s.  All being said... it was nearing mid-90s here last week *___* u feel me?

So, of course, I can't dress myself.  Thank God I can use the weather as my excuse.

Thankfully, I've created my "early-june-2014 suit"

It is all grey because...you know, I'M THE ONE THAT'S PREDICTABLE

As temps fluctuate, oh, 30 degrees or so my go-to outfit has worked well 

tank top + ankle-length pants

the perfect solution to cover up your legs you haven't shaved yet for the summer, while allowing you to sweat it all out when the sun decides to make it's undoubted appearance.

Statement things like...oh, silver birks are my cup of tea and we are still sticking to a beautiful color palette, you see? 

Intricate details are fun in a monochromatic look, like the zips on my pants 
and the weaving around the arms of this tank

Man, I need to wash these pieces...but what settings do I use for grey, Mom?


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