Sunday, March 30, 2014


What's better than dressing like a boy?

Today's post is about how to be a mysterious boy...MY FAVORITE. 

Hunter is one of those boys I know who dresses like I would want to dress if I were a boy.  It's pretty basic (I've never seen him wear anything not solid black or white), but it works.  I mean, he wears "dressy sweatpants"...he obviously gets what I'm all about.

The other day when he told me he'd just gotten a "jedi wrap" I immediately let out a squeal and began plotting when/how I would steal it from him...just you wait, I'll be wearing it on the blog soon :P

This "jedi wrap" reminded me of something I saw a while back-- somewhere in the depths of an internet journey one day, I came across a tag for "goth ninja fashion".  After LOLing for a minute over such a hilarious name for a type of style...I became really obsessed about the look, and, I mean...

it looks very goth

and very ninja.

It is very much mysterious and moody and combines a casualness of street styles and takes in high fashion ques from the likes of designers like Mr. A Wang (with his dark, streamline looks) the obvious Rick Owens, and Yohji Yamamoto (the layering...all the draping...the fact Yamamoto is probably a ninja himself..)

Hunter's look is more toned down and sporty with his Flyknits than the crazy looks I've seen for A REAL GOTH NINJA...but his vibe is very right.  Casual but REALLY COOL.  


I don't know, but I think boys are scared to wear drapey things....and I get itttt but hey let's try something new for once because honestly boys NEVER DO ANYTHING FUN when they get dressed, and dressing like a ninja (and maybe being one) makes the ladies swoon.  So wear more drapey things for me.



!*JEDI WRAP*!~ from H&M
KICKS~ Nike Flyknit Lunar

Monday, March 24, 2014


If you can recall a previous post from a couple of months ago (a diy, in and of itself) you may remember me promising a little something....
I didn't think it would take so long to get to, however, but I am here to stick by my word--
Here's a how-to for a fancy little hair-do that only takes a few minutes!

1. Section your hair into three parts horizontally.  Keep the top layer a little on the heavy side and tie with an elastic as far back on your head as possible (it'll look weird when you "flip" it if it's on the top of your head!)

2. Once your parts are in order, we are going to take the flip!  Loosen your top section with your fingers, creating a gap right in front of your hair tie big enough for your ponytail to fit through.  This step is a little hard to explain but once you do it it's kinda just take your ponytail through the top of the hole you just created, and pull through.

You'll be rocking something like this!


3.  Move on to your next layer of hair, and created a gap like you did when you prepared for your first flip. 

4.  Instead of jumping on in with the second flip, take the ends of your first pony, give them a little twirl and slide then through the gap in your second section of hair.

5. Add your second flip!

6.  As imagined, repeat steps 4 & 5 with your third section of hair

And you're done!

* Of course,  you may want to consider small clear hair ties for your look, but heyyyy I'm lucky to have found 3 hair ties at all :)

* Try loosening your twists to hide the obviousness of the parts

* From my bracelet DIY post, you can see that the same idea works well with curled or wavy hair...this allows you to be even more messy when parting your I'm all about it


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1, 2 STEP

Shoes are very important.
You can, like, not get diseases and things if you wear them and whatever.
Also, they are beautiful and I love them more than I do many human beings I know

I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in FOREVERRRR (maybe 3 months, which is forever to a girl, okay?)  This past Friday I "treated myself" to a few new items because I was using the excuse that it was my birthday Sunday.  Two of them being some reall boring white t-shirts...and...a new pair of kicks!--

I've been plotting this whole "change everything and live my life as a tribute to all that Ivania Carpio does and wears"  and upon my recent purchases, I've realized I'm on a probable path to full enlightenment...but...

as I continute to soul search for white jeans that-

1. don't have fake distressing and gargantuan holes 
2. aren't thin as paper (seeeee-through)

- I have to figure out a different way to style things rather than playing white-out like I so wish


What goes with white? A little black, maybe?

MHMMM, you know I am all about a little Ebony + Ivory

So let's talk things over:

I think the mid-ankle height of this shoe is of utmost importance when styling your outfit.  

- Socks are always good for balancing things out and connecting your footwear the rest of your this instance I think they give a bit of an athletic feel to the look, which I'm very down for.

- The length of pant or (in this case) skirt you are considering is also very important. You don't wanna chop your legs into small bits and pieces.  Anything that hits at the knee is ideal, and midi-length things are even better with the height and hefty chunk of heel we have going on.  Consider cropped skinny jeans if you are going to do a pant.

You may remember this hot topic from a couple of months ago. Side slits r fun and if you are wearing all black it will *literally* split things up and add some interest

shoes r like art

pretend u r art too



BOSS_HOUSE where I am officially squatting


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


As I’ve defined my idea of what “style” is many-a-time, the most encompassing and poignant way to identify style is to merely deem it as... AN EXPERIMENT.

Today we experiment with how to wear a sweater. Sounds really uneventful, right?

Sometimes experiments can go wrong, but sometimes you can cure your cold with a mixture of strange elixirs and home remedies that don't make sense.  Does fashion make sense? More often than not, no. So let's get to experimenting:

Today's blog post is inspired by a look (above) from Christophe Lemaire's Fall RTW collection seen in Paris just a couple of weeks ago.  I know there's huff-and-puff about the change of seasons in fashion-that the shows are merely projections of what will be happening come Fall (in this case).  Is it wrong to draw inspiration immediately?  I don't know, but I also do not it is 40 degrees and I can wear fall-like things if I want.

One of my favorite ways to change up my wardrobe is figuring out new ways of wearing things I already have.  
A good example of such an idea that immediately comes to mind is the Alexander Wang Spring 14 RTW collection where regularly structured button-downs are only buttoned at the very top...creating a whole new thing--

I have a dress that I only ever wear backwards now.  And doing weird things like that excite me.

So, although my wardrobe is highly limited (as I still find my clothes living in three places) I couldn't get that look by Christophe Lemaire out of my mind.  I had to try it.  

Wanna see the results of my experiment



A sweater as a scarf?


There are many people out there that are "Scarf People"while I find myself in a mess of knots when I attempt to "rock a scarf."  The sweater-scarf may look a little silly when people figure out what you are doing....but they also know that you know that you just did that--you are wearing a damn sweater as a scarf...THEY BETTER RESPECT U
Most importantly, in the whole scheme of things have a sweater with you if it gets too cold out :)

You bet I looked a mad fool when I was trying out different sweaters to "wear" but if you want to try the look yourself, it is going to take some trial and error.  This sweater is cropped and very bulky so it didn't look much like the inspiration, but I think it still worked.  The cool thing too is you can use the sleeves in different ways, leaving them loose to hang over your shoulders in front (v. preppy!) or tie them up for a more finished look.

...and maybe scarf people must just be hat people, too.  It makes sense now.

For kicks and giggles and the sake of experimenting, I decided to try out the sweater-scarf idea with a basic crewneck.  It doesn't look too stupid, ~~~only maybe just a little ~~~

What's the conclusion? That I'm here for your entertainment, per usual