Monday, March 24, 2014


If you can recall a previous post from a couple of months ago (a diy, in and of itself) you may remember me promising a little something....
I didn't think it would take so long to get to, however, but I am here to stick by my word--
Here's a how-to for a fancy little hair-do that only takes a few minutes!

1. Section your hair into three parts horizontally.  Keep the top layer a little on the heavy side and tie with an elastic as far back on your head as possible (it'll look weird when you "flip" it if it's on the top of your head!)

2. Once your parts are in order, we are going to take the flip!  Loosen your top section with your fingers, creating a gap right in front of your hair tie big enough for your ponytail to fit through.  This step is a little hard to explain but once you do it it's kinda just take your ponytail through the top of the hole you just created, and pull through.

You'll be rocking something like this!


3.  Move on to your next layer of hair, and created a gap like you did when you prepared for your first flip. 

4.  Instead of jumping on in with the second flip, take the ends of your first pony, give them a little twirl and slide then through the gap in your second section of hair.

5. Add your second flip!

6.  As imagined, repeat steps 4 & 5 with your third section of hair

And you're done!

* Of course,  you may want to consider small clear hair ties for your look, but heyyyy I'm lucky to have found 3 hair ties at all :)

* Try loosening your twists to hide the obviousness of the parts

* From my bracelet DIY post, you can see that the same idea works well with curled or wavy hair...this allows you to be even more messy when parting your I'm all about it


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