Sunday, July 27, 2014


Have you noticed (how have you not noticed?) the surplus of 90s trends flooding the internet, shops, and the sidewalks of your basic-ass town?  Something has to be done.  I'm all for the 90s,  i'm a child of the year of 1991, and I can relate.  But there's this thing about is supposed to (at least, in my eyes...and i believe those of the "higher ups") be forever changing. 

 Fashion reverts back to decades past  ALL THE TIME... and I'm not trying to be oblivious to this fact when we talk about the 90s resurgence.  However,  maybe this is the first time I've come in contact with a reoccuring trend in the span on my 23 years.  This must be how my mom felt when i started wearing flare-leg jeans in 1999.  It's confusing.  But, for any trend to continue for more than the brief span many microtrends now-a-days incur, they need to be trends of the past...reconsidered in their current time and place.  Honestly, if I see you wearing jelly shoes that look EXACTLY like the ones I had when i was 6, I'm gonna throw a shade fit...and to be honest (i've been there) you're going to regret your decisions almost stop wasting your hard earned daddy's money.  (wow, I'm a bitch today!)

But there are some small, less obvious things I think we should embrace--

My vote is on brown lipstick.  You know exactly what I'm talking about when i say this because of Rachel from Friends, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...pretty much every movie or show then.  It's brown or a brownish-red, every time.

In the early 2000s I think things got more metallic (I can't say for sure because I was like 10, I only liked blue eyeshadow or something).  But  I came upon a perfectly brown and metallic mix a while back-- Iced Mocha by Revlon.  I don't think they've changed the color since the 90s to be honest...but in this case... IT IS OKAY*!*!

So I hope you take this post with a grain of salt.  I'm mostly afraid of how easily the mass-markets suck us into buying these "trendy" things because they know it works (and I'll admit again, I've been caught red-handed more than a share of times), and especially with people of my generation right now.  But I get it,  I just wanna be a Pretty Woman, too.  So sit down and drink an iced mocha before you decide on whether you want that "urban renewal" piece.


Monday, July 21, 2014


There are some things that just never sound appetizing.  For me that is oatmeal.  Is it the bothersome consistency, the blandness of taste and color?  I'm not sure.  But damn if I don't eat oatmeal every morning...because it is good for you and cheap cheap and can be dressed up so it doesn't even taste like itself anymore.

Today's post is mostly about that bland bland color....
but you know i love neutrals, so this is a happy post!

Taupe shorts with sequins?  It's kinda like when you put equal parts brown sugar in your's real real good like

I'm so happy to have snagged these tap shorts at Zara's sale going on while i was in NYC.  I shouldn't have gotten them..but then again I shouldn't get a lot of things I get..

I decided that a simple black # on top would be fitting.  I am also really into pairing browns and blacks lately to stick it to the man and whatever

These shorts are fun! They twirl a lot like a skirt but hallelujah they r not a skirt!

I also considered what my face should be like.  This is obviously a more dressed up, going out look. But with velvet and sequins already working wonders for you...keeping your face calm and collected is probably the best look.  Clean eyeliner, brown shadow, and some color with red lips and you're outta the house on time!

It's important too to consider how to wear these kinds of "dressy" pieces in a more casual look.  Lately I've been wandering around the apartment in nothing but this oatmeal colored sweater I stole from an older brother while back home.  It's nice a slumpy and balances the tailored shorts well!

Catch me in sequins next time at the supermarket >.<


Wednesday, July 16, 2014





mhmm....I've been on a lil vacation in...


So today's post is about traveling.  In this case, about me traveling and how I pack for a weeks' worth of adventure time!  Hopefully it can help you next time you realize you haven't packed and your flight leaves at 7am and it's already midnight the night before. *good luck*~~~

Packing is a nightmare. Over and under-- we always mess up one way or the other!  For me it's the dreaded "sans-toothbrush" or "alex forgot a jacket again"  but hey, live a little! and embrace your failures...(and if you forget a jacket it just means you *have* to buy a new one!)

I'm a basic ass girl (not to be confused with a basic bitch).  I like to dress in simple things, in simple colors so my bad side can shine through.  This works well for the traveler.  Tops in simple cuts and styles in blacks and greys can mix and match until you've worn them each 10 times and you realize you smell more than a bit funky as you board your plane home.

Not only are basic tops ideal...basic bottoms will make your life one of ease!  Opt for two shades of denim.  I always pack a pair of cotton/spandex/comfy shorts to sleep in...and I also wear them under dresses because I am a 10 year old.

You must remember, you are on vacation.  And you are away to have fun!  So pack a couple of fun and loud pieces.  I like to pack a floral day dress.  Fun leggings are great to pair with simple tops too, and won't take up much extra space in your bag

If you are going to attend brunch or a museum or idk, you wanna feel a little fancy try packing a skirt.  Maxis work well and look dressier.  I packed my skirt that I blogged about a while back and it worked great worn with a black spaghetti strap tank

The thing is...wherever you are're going to want pizza.  You're always going to want pizza even if you aren't traveling tbh. A nice T-shirt that shows you are "hip" and aware of pop culture is great for a pizza outing.

One of the most important things to remember is what you'll be lugging around all day as you pretend to not be a tourist even though you are obviously a tourist.  Pack a monster purse so you can use it as your personal item on the plane.  Pack your little purse (to take out to dinners/thaaa club) inside your big purse while traveling!

Don't fuck this step up.  Your footwear game is very important.  To be honest,  New York ate my feet alive...but it wouldn't have mattered the shoe. If it's hot, if you're walking around lost're going to get a blister or more like 10.  I hate "tourist shoes" though so please suffer with me a little and leave your hiking sandals with your friends' new puppy that's in its chewing stage >.<

Accessories are things you mustn't forget either.  Cameras are good, and mini 110 film cameras are better.  A book for plane and train rides is ideal when your phone has died 30 minutes in to the trip.  And sunnies...never forget the sunnies!

And finally, a confession:

I packed five shades of lipstick


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


You know the name of the game-- mix & match.
but my favorite take?  the same matching pattern with some mixing....

To me, a striped shirt can go nautical very quickly (not that that's a
 bad thing sometimes!)  but when you want to feel a little less in the 
safe, mixing up the scale of a stripe can do wonders

* you'll want to make sure there's quite a bit of difference is size of
the stripes if you are only doing two pieces of'll just 
look messy, if so >.<