Monday, July 21, 2014


There are some things that just never sound appetizing.  For me that is oatmeal.  Is it the bothersome consistency, the blandness of taste and color?  I'm not sure.  But damn if I don't eat oatmeal every morning...because it is good for you and cheap cheap and can be dressed up so it doesn't even taste like itself anymore.

Today's post is mostly about that bland bland color....
but you know i love neutrals, so this is a happy post!

Taupe shorts with sequins?  It's kinda like when you put equal parts brown sugar in your's real real good like

I'm so happy to have snagged these tap shorts at Zara's sale going on while i was in NYC.  I shouldn't have gotten them..but then again I shouldn't get a lot of things I get..

I decided that a simple black # on top would be fitting.  I am also really into pairing browns and blacks lately to stick it to the man and whatever

These shorts are fun! They twirl a lot like a skirt but hallelujah they r not a skirt!

I also considered what my face should be like.  This is obviously a more dressed up, going out look. But with velvet and sequins already working wonders for you...keeping your face calm and collected is probably the best look.  Clean eyeliner, brown shadow, and some color with red lips and you're outta the house on time!

It's important too to consider how to wear these kinds of "dressy" pieces in a more casual look.  Lately I've been wandering around the apartment in nothing but this oatmeal colored sweater I stole from an older brother while back home.  It's nice a slumpy and balances the tailored shorts well!

Catch me in sequins next time at the supermarket >.<


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