Sunday, July 27, 2014


Have you noticed (how have you not noticed?) the surplus of 90s trends flooding the internet, shops, and the sidewalks of your basic-ass town?  Something has to be done.  I'm all for the 90s,  i'm a child of the year of 1991, and I can relate.  But there's this thing about is supposed to (at least, in my eyes...and i believe those of the "higher ups") be forever changing. 

 Fashion reverts back to decades past  ALL THE TIME... and I'm not trying to be oblivious to this fact when we talk about the 90s resurgence.  However,  maybe this is the first time I've come in contact with a reoccuring trend in the span on my 23 years.  This must be how my mom felt when i started wearing flare-leg jeans in 1999.  It's confusing.  But, for any trend to continue for more than the brief span many microtrends now-a-days incur, they need to be trends of the past...reconsidered in their current time and place.  Honestly, if I see you wearing jelly shoes that look EXACTLY like the ones I had when i was 6, I'm gonna throw a shade fit...and to be honest (i've been there) you're going to regret your decisions almost stop wasting your hard earned daddy's money.  (wow, I'm a bitch today!)

But there are some small, less obvious things I think we should embrace--

My vote is on brown lipstick.  You know exactly what I'm talking about when i say this because of Rachel from Friends, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...pretty much every movie or show then.  It's brown or a brownish-red, every time.

In the early 2000s I think things got more metallic (I can't say for sure because I was like 10, I only liked blue eyeshadow or something).  But  I came upon a perfectly brown and metallic mix a while back-- Iced Mocha by Revlon.  I don't think they've changed the color since the 90s to be honest...but in this case... IT IS OKAY*!*!

So I hope you take this post with a grain of salt.  I'm mostly afraid of how easily the mass-markets suck us into buying these "trendy" things because they know it works (and I'll admit again, I've been caught red-handed more than a share of times), and especially with people of my generation right now.  But I get it,  I just wanna be a Pretty Woman, too.  So sit down and drink an iced mocha before you decide on whether you want that "urban renewal" piece.


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  1. I just bought the Revlon iced mocha and when I put it on I thought wow I feel like listening to TLC again haha. The lipstick goes great with your coloring, definitely embrace it. I enjoy the color on myself too, its different then the regular old pinks. Just hope the Tweety bird sweatshirts don't come back hahah