Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A few months ago I spent the day with my mother and grandmother shopping and antiquing.  The location: Middle-of-Nowhere Kansas (to name a few towns...possibly unincorporated ones-- Belleville, Scandia, Cuba.  These places were landmines for treasures of years past. And me?  A kid in a candy store.  But one of the most interesting spots we "hit up" was a place called the Feathered Nest. A skeptic, per usual, I questioned my mom's constant RAVING about it.  But for once in my life, she was right and I was wrong (lol luv u mom).  We spent damn near 2 hours there and I could have stayed longer.  The ladies who owned it were lovely and boy did they have a knack for interior design.  Upon my mom's raving, she said, "Alex, you have to check out the bathroom!!1!"  and in the span of our 2+ hour stay, I did.  I walked in, greeted by a large painting of a german shepherd (my weakness<3) and then the sink caught my attention. I know, a sink? catching attention?  It was a circular basin sink and inside the bowl they had placed large polished stones.

So. being a creep. I took pix in the bathroom.
And then as soon as I got back that weekend I went and bought some rocks.

So here's my sink `*1!!1~~!_@``~**

Not nearly as fancy of a basin sink as they had had, but mine is a simple pedestal I don't think it looks too outta whack.

There are a few things, if you want to do this with your own sink to remember though:

1. You are going to have to (and I mean HAVE TO) clean your sink at leeeast once a week.  You don't want scummy rocks.  I'm a clean freak, especially since I started living solo, so it's nothing unordinary to me.

2.  MAKE SURE your rocks don't have jagged edges or are too rough that they'll damage your sink.  I rent a place and I'm not down to buy a new sink come the end of my lease.

3.  This may be something for you that's more practical in a guest room/bath type of situation.  They will be like "hey that's cool" and you will feel successful @ life and also won't have to clean it nearly as often

And lastly, a tip on cleaning sinks: use a tiny spray of pledge and a soft, dry rag to shine the stainless steel/faucet.  You'll be amazed by the reflection you see of yourself :P


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