Thursday, August 21, 2014


It takes a foundation of (some) knowledge and knowing the break them-- and not play by them.  This is something that I feel happens within my photos, how i cook, and how i dress myself.

White balance is a thing that I love and hate (like many trained photographers, I presume).  I'm focused on it sometimes, yes, but other times the important part is to "bend those stupid rules and regulations".

Today's post may just make me seem like a lazy photographer, but i like to think of myself as someone who is actually paying a great deal to the light and it's color when i'm shooting.

So, dressed in all white, I give you some colorful photos:

I was so happy to finally pick up a pair of white the end of summer >.<  Be on the look out for how I'm going to wear them throughout the fall/winter though because Labor Day never stopped me from no thangs.

Hope I didn't kill a photographers' soul today. <3

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