Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today we venture a little off into left field, for a post.  Although we aren't talking hip & cool & clothing or makeup things...this post is definitely #TRENDY in it's own ways.

Running has become trendy.  It's the 5K the 10K the 1/2 marathon.

There's one thing I hate...


To me (and I am hella jaded when it comes to this topic) running and its trendiness has hit a climax.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

But I shouldn't be so upset, and really, I'm not.  Aside from other forms that trends come packaged in...physical activity is good. DUH.

Let me give you a lay of the land, if you are not familiar with my upbringing--
My father started running road races about the time my oldest brother was born..i think...idk that was a looong time ago.  It's been a family staple since..and although it's a total lie based on the number of months prior to my birth.. but I tell people I ran the Lincoln Marathon with my mother in 1990. I attended road races in the most-middle-of-nowhere towns you could imagine in the deep underworlds of Kansas.  It was fun tagging along as a kid...I would get a ribbon or frisbee or a shirt 10 sizes too big just for running a fun run.

Running seems to be a way of life for some.  And for my oldest brother this is probably somehow an understatement.  He "runs professionally."  Marathons, halves, what-have-you.  My sister-in-laws run.  My mom still runs. My dad still runs. My other brother slays w/a tennis raquet. But then...there's ALEX.  The rebel, the forever-problem-child of the generation....or the kid who just couldn't focus on one, singular activity.

My mom likes to run because it gives her happy endorphens or something. RUNNERS R CRAZY TBH.
My dad runs because he's always done it.  If he's not working at the office or on the farm he's running.
My brother runs like twice a day or some shit.  And if he's not, he's slingin' running shoes at Manhattan Running Company.

Running is something different to everyone.  And for me...running didn't do anything for me but cause me injury and a lot of whining about how much it sucked.  But I did it off and on because I was decent at it, between those injuries and seasons of tennis and softball, of course.


I decided, as a trendy bitch....running must be my next battle. One I've fought with before, but now feel ready to face with the music.  So, to be 100% honest I've been running on the regular, for about a month now...a far cry from the numerous times I've gone out for a run once a month thinking it was going to become a daily occurence. Now, I've tried to focus on the idea of what running is to me, how it fits into my daily life, and I think that is why I am still sticking with it.  Although I hate to admit- stress and anxieties riddle me.  Running has helped me get me out of funks, and it is a nice way to stretch out my bones after a day of sitting in a cube.  It's nice to feel focused.

So, if you wanna be a trendy bitch, I say go ahead.  This is one trend that won't hurt your wallet (okay that is a totally lie...cute sports bras and shorts are still a guilty pleasure) and is a positive thing for your body and mind.  Don't ask me to be on your warrior team or mud thing or color thing though...I'll run in the opposite direction screaming insanities.

A few tips and things (although I'm no profesh):

1. Get RUNNING shoes from a RUNNING SPECIFIC STORE.  My brother will kill me if I don't make enough of a point of this.  Lucky for the trendy bitches of today..running shoes come in "HOT" colors now. So feel anew.

2.  Don't start out like a crazy woman.  I learn this about every time I "start running again".  Take it slow even though you don't want to.  And vary up your days with other things like dance or yoga or tennis, etc.

3.  Find out why you really want to run and make sure it's a convincing enough reason for you.  This was always my problem, I think.  A main goal for many is to lose weight and get in shape.  I didn't need to lose weight, in fact, I needed to gain it.  So my goal was to get in shape and to use it as an aid to my stressful days.  It's going well so far!  (**make sure your diet/calorie intake is in tune w/what you are doing...or you'll DIE).

**AND shout outs 2 my bro-bro always for the kicks hook-up.  Feeling pritty in my Newton running shoes when I run...and guilty when I'm not running **


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