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mhmm....I've been on a lil vacation in...


So today's post is about traveling.  In this case, about me traveling and how I pack for a weeks' worth of adventure time!  Hopefully it can help you next time you realize you haven't packed and your flight leaves at 7am and it's already midnight the night before. *good luck*~~~

Packing is a nightmare. Over and under-- we always mess up one way or the other!  For me it's the dreaded "sans-toothbrush" or "alex forgot a jacket again"  but hey, live a little! and embrace your failures...(and if you forget a jacket it just means you *have* to buy a new one!)

I'm a basic ass girl (not to be confused with a basic bitch).  I like to dress in simple things, in simple colors so my bad side can shine through.  This works well for the traveler.  Tops in simple cuts and styles in blacks and greys can mix and match until you've worn them each 10 times and you realize you smell more than a bit funky as you board your plane home.

Not only are basic tops ideal...basic bottoms will make your life one of ease!  Opt for two shades of denim.  I always pack a pair of cotton/spandex/comfy shorts to sleep in...and I also wear them under dresses because I am a 10 year old.

You must remember, you are on vacation.  And you are away to have fun!  So pack a couple of fun and loud pieces.  I like to pack a floral day dress.  Fun leggings are great to pair with simple tops too, and won't take up much extra space in your bag

If you are going to attend brunch or a museum or idk, you wanna feel a little fancy try packing a skirt.  Maxis work well and look dressier.  I packed my skirt that I blogged about a while back and it worked great worn with a black spaghetti strap tank

The thing is...wherever you are're going to want pizza.  You're always going to want pizza even if you aren't traveling tbh. A nice T-shirt that shows you are "hip" and aware of pop culture is great for a pizza outing.

One of the most important things to remember is what you'll be lugging around all day as you pretend to not be a tourist even though you are obviously a tourist.  Pack a monster purse so you can use it as your personal item on the plane.  Pack your little purse (to take out to dinners/thaaa club) inside your big purse while traveling!

Don't fuck this step up.  Your footwear game is very important.  To be honest,  New York ate my feet alive...but it wouldn't have mattered the shoe. If it's hot, if you're walking around lost're going to get a blister or more like 10.  I hate "tourist shoes" though so please suffer with me a little and leave your hiking sandals with your friends' new puppy that's in its chewing stage >.<

Accessories are things you mustn't forget either.  Cameras are good, and mini 110 film cameras are better.  A book for plane and train rides is ideal when your phone has died 30 minutes in to the trip.  And sunnies...never forget the sunnies!

And finally, a confession:

I packed five shades of lipstick


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