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Greetings! Today's post, (like many others) serves no rhyme or reason, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.  I was recently at a senior show for the KU graphic design kids (that is their official title).  Those dudes and dudettes blow my mind...and I know how fast they can crank out stuff...I can do a mediocre job on designing stuff but it takes me centuries compared to their mere minutes behind a computer.  Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a few familiar faces..ones I hadn't seen in much too long!  I stopped and chatted with a boy I'd had a technical drawing class with (he, M U C H better than I).  We flipped through his portfolio, something I didn't get to do with any of the other designers but by this point it was nearing the end of the night.  He showed me a project he did featuring objects of peoples rooms and then the rooms themselves.  It's always an interesting subject, and one that is often visited.  I liked his approach though, and he had told me he'd recently taken a pyschology course focusing on the study of personalities (a course I took my first year in school!).   It was nice that he also didn't include the people themselves in the images or design...but you know I can't resist including my stupid face on here :P

So, all this thinking (you know...~*being artsy*~) and then a few days pasted and I forgot.  And then I was like "Alex, you need to blog today" and in reply I told myself "Yeah maybe that skirt you've NEVER worn"

So in my own battle of multiple personalities, I bring you this outfit.  I didn't know what I was going to write to you about it, but upon seeing the images, I knew I must come back to this idea of the items we have and the spaces we occupy and how they more often than not reflect one another.  I think it goes without explaining...all black...all white...every...thing makes me happy

And hey, a note to myself...you should probably wear this skirt more often u dummy :)

One last thing!
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