Wednesday, May 21, 2014


You know by now I'm not into anything "traditional" unless you are trying to feed me a Thanksgiving meal...then I have a set list of traditional items you do not want to forget.  So when it comes to what you would call "the traditional accessory" you think of necklaces on chains, a cuff bracelet or two and on special occasions you switch out your studs for dangley earrings-- maybe a hat if you are so daring. Shoes. Purses.  BUT I LIVE ON THE WILD SIDE.

Also, I feel very foreign wearing lots of jewelry. I feel like I have too many things to keep track of.

Also, I am too picky when it comes to purses so I never buy them.

Also I am all about a singular statement piece.



_______wait 4 it_______

this rad-as-hell cell phone case

I stubbled across a similar case (obviously v. knock-off) on one of those microtrendy sites like NastyGal or whatever..of course for the newest iPhone...and for my beautifully broken Samsung (two or three...idk...versions behind the times) I cried a few tears.  Then ran (figuratively, this is after all, only the internet) to Ebay.

& now it's mine.

& I love love love it because phones these days are too big for pockets and we forget things that are in pockets anyway.  I'm not sure why I've never seen a case with a strap like a purse before but I am ALL ABOUT IT.  This will be great for going out when i don't want to drag along a purse :)  I'm thinking of maybe making a simple black case with a strap too for more ~casual~ situations.


^^fake af but w/e  

love u guys

thx 4 reading

i'll blog about my plants l8r



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