Thursday, May 8, 2014


Today's post is the first real post introducing you into the decorating of my new apartment!  
It is a bit of a DIY post...

Until about three years ago, this trunk had been out in the same outbuilding on my family's property...storing old knick-knacks of my dad's from his "younger days."  When I was finally released into the world as a sophomore in college, out of the dorm life and in a REAL HOUSE, I needed some furniture...some places to keep my ridiculous amount of clothes, if we're being honest here.

So upon a questionable level of trust in me not "ruining things",  my dad let me drag it around with me.  It made it all the way to Chicago this past year.  It's not too big for a trunk and I love that!  And you know what's also super rad about a trunk?  YOU CAN ALSO USE IT LIKE A TABLE i.e. PUT MORE OF YOUR CRAP ON TOP OF IT!

So this is what I was dragging around.  I will say my favorite color has been yellow for a while now until gray took it's place (because apparently I'm into sad things now).  A little rough on the edges and with the weirdest color scheme including brown, I once again cautiously asked my dad if I could paint it.  Now three years after my initial request, he must just be used to my crazy ideas, and hey, he didn't even hate the idea of painting it at all.


The trunk is a weird combination of metal and wood elements.  I sanded the roughest of parts with a medium-fine grit sandpaper.  Then painted the whole trunk a matte black and added a glossy layer to the details- like the hinges and handles.

Overall, I'm more than happy with the result!  For my boring desire for an all black & white apartment I am closer to my goals, and I think this piece is interesting with the different paint isn't too boring!  I will be using this more like a coffee table (and of course, all while storing my bulky sweaters inside!)

<3 Best,

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