Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hey, remember that time when the lovely Chante Gossett graciously let me borrow her designs from her recent spring collection and I ran around in them and blogged about them and then told you I'd blog about them again?



This week I latched on to a few more of the pieces I didn't featured the last post.  I decided to try and style them as "Alex" as I possibly could to show how beautifully versatile her designs are.  It was fun to create completely different vibes from pairing pieces from Chanté's collection with the weird findings of my very own closet.

Taking current influences from Sporty Spice and the like, I paired this amazing skirt of Chanté's with some shiny pink biker shorts, a high-neck cropped tank, and a pair of cRazY Nike Air Max kicks. I absolutely love that she included this light camel/tan color in her collection as a neutral, it is so interesting to play with.

Look two is a combination of one of Chanté's printed tops!  I chose to keep with the white and off-white palette, and added a "furry" skirt in the mix along with those trudgeworthy kicks.  I love this look maybe the most because it's so simple from the front, and then you get to see Chanté's beautiful print in the back, with a little high-to-low, too!

When I originally met with Chanté about featuring her designs, we talked about this jumpsuit, and weren't going to include it (for obviously some silly reason!)...but lucky for me she threw it in the batch.  Unfortunately for her I'm going to steal it.

As a one-piece, and one of perfection, I couldn't really think of a better way to show it off than just stunt a little harder in it.  And add some see-through accessories...


Lastly, is this cute little number of a dress:

with some shiny boots, I had a hop in my step.  The cut of this dress is so very playful I couldn't stop twirling around like a little girl.  A VERY STYLISH ONE

Please be sure to check out Chanté's website if you haven't yet.  She is doing the loveliest of things!  I want to thank her again for letting me spend some quality time with her work and I hope you enjoyed seeing her designs in action :)


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