Monday, April 21, 2014


As many of you may know or have figured out (because I failed to tell you), I have been living in the Kansas City area after my move back from Chicago.  There are a lot of beautiful and creative people I know here in Kansas City, and I feel as though my blog could be a lovely place to share these splendid people with you.

The first girl on my mind was none other than-- Chanté Gossett

1st off, she's a total babe
2ndly, she's mega talented

About a week ago I sat down over coffee to chat with Chanté about life things and Kansas City things and it honestly felt so great to just soak in all of her positive vibes-- as we both find ourselves trying to flourish in a city that's in (what seems like) beginning stages of rapid growth and development within its artistic endeavors.

We talked about her upcoming plans and what's in store in the near future for her--


Chante is bringing the fire


Being the con-artist I am, and Chanté being the sweetest human ever, I found myself blessed by the presence of the pieces from her most previous collection hanging in my closet this past week.

So with that,  I decided to saunter (yes, I've actually been practicing my sauntering) around the house  in Chanté's designs.  I couldn't have felt more like a modern-day princess if I tried.

I decided to try my hand at mixing up her pieces for this post because it is so incredible how well her separate pieces work with each other.  (be sure to check out her website for the original looks from her presentation show and more!)

^^^ hiiii, stealing this ^^^

Chanté gets my vibe and I get hers.  She designs with her models in mind..with real people she knows or has in mind, and I think that's a big key in how her work is to be understood and read.  I actually came to know Chanté as she worked on an outfit designed for me to wear for her first collection in the 18th Street Fashion Show.

  Her stuff is modern, youthful, and has that certain something about it in a level of interest that keeps you hooked. I think this is why I feel very at home with her clothing's seriously stuff  I WANT TO WEAR 

Subtle; sometimes with beautifully hand-dyed gradated flowing fabrics,
it's equally as bold with the incorporation of leather, geometric cut-outs, and strong silhouettes.  

and oh, her prints? SET TO KILL

This look actually combines a top from the latest collection, with the shorts I wore for 18th Street from Chanté's first collection!

I honestly cannot wait to see more from this lady, and I hope she'll keep letting me wear her stuff.

I'll be posting a second installment of looks within the next week that incorporate pieces of Chanté's designs with some pieces I already have in my closet, so stay tuned!  

In the meantime please check out her amazing website for more pics & info: 



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