Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1, 2 STEP

Shoes are very important.
You can, like, not get diseases and things if you wear them and whatever.
Also, they are beautiful and I love them more than I do many human beings I know

I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in FOREVERRRR (maybe 3 months, which is forever to a girl, okay?)  This past Friday I "treated myself" to a few new items because I was using the excuse that it was my birthday Sunday.  Two of them being some reall boring white t-shirts...and...a new pair of kicks!--

I've been plotting this whole "change everything and live my life as a tribute to all that Ivania Carpio does and wears"  and upon my recent purchases, I've realized I'm on a probable path to full enlightenment...but...

as I continute to soul search for white jeans that-

1. don't have fake distressing and gargantuan holes 
2. aren't thin as paper (seeeee-through)

- I have to figure out a different way to style things rather than playing white-out like I so wish


What goes with white? A little black, maybe?

MHMMM, you know I am all about a little Ebony + Ivory

So let's talk things over:

I think the mid-ankle height of this shoe is of utmost importance when styling your outfit.  

- Socks are always good for balancing things out and connecting your footwear the rest of your apparel...in this instance I think they give a bit of an athletic feel to the look, which I'm very down for.

- The length of pant or (in this case) skirt you are considering is also very important. You don't wanna chop your legs into small bits and pieces.  Anything that hits at the knee is ideal, and midi-length things are even better with the height and hefty chunk of heel we have going on.  Consider cropped skinny jeans if you are going to do a pant.

You may remember this hot topic from a couple of months ago. Side slits r fun and if you are wearing all black it will *literally* split things up and add some interest

shoes r like art

pretend u r art too



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