Friday, January 10, 2014


Although most of our legs find their way into hiding during the winter, I've been wanting to talk about showing off legs and how people are probably going to be doing it in 2014. Instead of legs's more about just showing off a singular leg.

Such a basic and normal thing in the history of the skirt, slits are basically there to let the garment stick to a certain desired silhouette (like a pencil skirt) while still allowing you to walk without a waddle.  There are so many forms of the slit-- typically small back slits or lately the resurrgence of the double side slits from the front.  Today is all about the side slit though...A REALLY HUGE SIDE SLIT ON A PENCIL SKIRT.


Nasty Gal                                                                 ASOS

(I DREAM of this sequin one on the regular)

I think the key to remember with this oncoming trend is the exact placement of this slit.  Slits were cool in the 90's but from what I can recall kept themselves pretty glued to the side seams.  This update is more the side but more on the front of the leg.

So, on Tuesday I finally dragged my lump of a body out of the house after the negative degree weather had passed and took a trip with my roommate to Village Discount, a thrift store close by.  In the skirt section I was surrounded by black velvet and quickly spotted a small pencil skirt.  Before examining I was already contemplating how I could (with my less than stellar sewing skills) add in a trendy lil side slit to the skirt.  LUCKY FOR ME it already had one!

How can you beat a $2 thrift?


I will say...styling something velvet in a casual manner is more of a challenge than, oh I don't know, ANYTHING ELSE. 
I like the idea of the loose t-shirt or crop top and the slit pencil skirt but with velvet you must have the perfect partner and I fear my closet has not shown me a match...for now I will keep soul searching!


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