Sunday, January 5, 2014

Good for Health, Bad for Education

Greetings Readers of My Blog,

I hope you've had a lovely holiday season...I sure did!  I just arrived back in Chicago yesterday evening after a 2 week stint back home in Kansas.  I got to see lots of extended family, some friends from high school and college, and best of all my silly pets.

Today's post really has no overall theme or idea but just a few items I have recently aquired and really enjoy!

The most reoccuring item in this post is this grey wool and black leather cap.  I ALWAYS buy hats and never wear them, but I can tell you that I've already worn this religiously and with the wet snow that's in abundance here in Chicago it's a handy lil number.

Along with the hat, I purchased a Men's red polyester baseball jacket.  These items (of course, rather unnecessary) I snagged at the Urban Outfitters outlet here in Chicago.  In conjunction with the stuff being dirt cheap there anyway, UO had a 1/2 off sale happening for about a week so I couldn't resist buying them!

I also like that I now have a colored jacket I can wear when I want to.  I own a massive collection of "beautiful" grey and black and white clothes so throwing on a bright jacket gives me a little liveliness I probably lack with such a wardrobe.

My new favorite thing EVER is this Akira sweatshirt my bestest friend Tyler had printed up and gave me as a Christmas gift.  I can already tell after only having it in my possession for 6 days and having worn it at least half of those days that I'm going to need another 3 or 4 of them :)


Also, being home at my parents for a good amount of time, I got into all their stuff and made lots of messes.  Whenever I go home, I always dig through my mom's beauty products and lotions and nude colors of nail polish and use all of her expensive shampoo (shhh).  I came across a few things she wouldn't let me take (obviously I didn't beg hard enough) but items that I enjoyed so much I may find myself getting for myself anyway.

Like this nail polish:
the color is called "My Very First Knockwurst" by OPI.  Before I explain what Knockwurst is let me tell you how lovely I think this is.

Now let me tell you that knockwurst is, as you could guess, a kind of sausage like a bratwurst.  Why would you name a nail polish color this?  Now all I think of when I look at my fingers is little sausages!

Another item I can advocate for in these nastily cold winter months is a good ol body lotion.  
I am terrible when it comes to applying lotion to my whole body, but upon the New Year I suppose I'll make it some kind of resolution to treat my skin to some loving.  I have a minor skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris (where extra keratin protein is produced in skin) that appears on my upper arms and sometimes upper legs.  It's really common and it's more prominent in the winter months for people 
because there is less moisture in the air. 

 With this lotion by Aveeno my skin felt sooo soft for once, which is a beautiful thing!  It's nice too that it's a brand you can pick up at most any drugstore!

Keep warm out there if you're deep in piles of snow (If you are in LA or somewhere tropical please go away </3) xx


  1. Yay! For Tyler's sweatshirt! It's so cool... Love your blog! ~Tyler's Mom :)

    1. Thank you!! I love the sweatshirt so so much...and Tyler, of course! :)

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