Sunday, June 15, 2014


Today's post is to show you

"something cool"

As we've discussed previously, I enjoy raiding my parents' humble abode for odds and ends they are "not really using" to furnish my apartment.  Upon my last trip back (to pet dogs and enjoy a fully-stocked fridge)  I began rummaging....


P i Z z A      p L a T e S


P i Z z A      p A r T y i N g

Having not seen these for years AND YEARS, my face had to have been glowing when I pulled these out of a cabinet in the kitchen that houses the essential items that never get used (i.e. a shaved ice machine, some weird pineapple know).

& my favorite thing about them?

the set of six slices makes for one whole pizza pie!

( ´∀`)☆

I've no idea the origin of these plates, but I know they were a gift from a family friend...a whole set with a matching parmesan cheese shaker and pizza stone. (of course, my mom only ever used the pizza stone...SUCH BLASPHEMY!)

Needless to say, these are going to get a little more use out of them here in my apartment.  I can say in utmost confidence...I eat a liiittle more pizza than my parents.  I actually like to make pizza from scratch too so all the better to have pizza plates for!  To be honest,  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to just use them for pizza...even if it seems sinful.

come over soon.

we'll have a pizza party.



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