Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As I've posted a bit about it before,  I've recently moved into my own studio apartment.  It's my first time living alone...(with my pet rat, of course) and it's been really lovely!  It's amazing what a mess I can create within minutes of sifting through my closet!  And the kitchen?!  I'm incredible at dirtying ALL of my dishes in one quick session.  But knowing you're the sole creator of the mess....makes you a bit of a clean freak, so thankfully if you come on a good day, it's pretty tidy.

Since this is my first time living sans-roommates, I had a weird amalgamation of items in my possession...and did not have a single pot or, was I a shitty roommate?  Nonetheless, I've been trying to slowwwlyy add to my collection of crap, in a thoughtful and more minimal manner this time around.

So when I realized I had no furniture and that I was going to still be picky about it...I lived in a very empty apartment for the first month.  Only now is it looking a bit more liveable.  My newest acquisition(s) are what I'm going to show you today!

One thing that is nice to have are side tables.  One thing that is expensive when you go looking for them is...side tables.  I'm not loaded here, and hey, I already had to splurge on some pots and pans recently!



FOR WHAT? $8-10 for a tv tray? SOLD

IT WAS SO EASY. I don't even need to explain.

The tray is nice to add because all your little odds and ends (DEAR LAWD the amount of bobby pins lurking in my apartment) are contained.  I was so lucky to stumble upon this tray's heavy and ceramic and was on sale <3___<3

The maybe even greater thing about doing this is that you can use the tray for BREAKFAST IN BED

And you can not feel like a piece of scum for eating in bed, but instead, feel really cool...cuz yr cool

So...with that...who wants to come make me breakfast?  I'll be in bed.


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