Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WHITE WALLS ( and a little black )

As blank as I love keeping my walls to use for plain backdrops in photos...I had to jazz mine up a little because it looked like no one actually lived in the apartment.

The jazz cost about $2.  Making it even more jazzy.

 Taking washi tape (a tape very similar to masking tape, but with less sticky residue and a more paper-like feel)  I created a faux headboard with three quick strips!  I measured up with a tape measure from each side of the bed and marked a few spots in the middle, kept the tape taught when applying, and magically got a much more straight line that I could have ever imagined.

I've had multiple people over, and all be very surprised to find out it wasn't a has a very deceiving 3D effect apparently!

And the only other thing on my walls, you ask? 


Clear clipboards used sort of like you would a picture frame.  The "art"?  Cut out pieces from paper sacks I used as a drop cloth when painting my trunk.  I'm such a punk.

Welcome to my home! I hope you like it!



p.s.-- I'm not sure why blogspot demands to make my photos look like a lumpy pile of grossness...they are originally much more crisp and white </3  if you are blogspotter and have any tips on exporting files or on the upload to blogspot, I'd much appreciate the aid

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