Sunday, September 14, 2014


AH, The Midwest...always toying with my emotions and testing my body's ability at adjusting to drastic temperature change.

As September has come into full effect, so has this need for cinnamon apple scented candles in my home and blankets and dogs and cuddles.

Another need?

A closet swap.

Summer is still lingering here on a sunny afternoon, but these 7am mornings I meet and greet hang out at a mild 40 degrees as of late.  This calls for a few things:

1. Thigh high socks

2. Flannel

3. Lots of black

Who doesn't love running around in tall socks and playing in drapey fabrics?

U may love or hate the flannel at the waist.  i love it because it is practical for the change in temperatures throughout a Kansas day... and i feel like Hey Arnold.

k. bye<3

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