Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's cool that unempoyment right out of college gives me some spare time to blog, but in all honestly I have been out there trying and trying over and over again and the real world is seriously... SUCH A BITCH.  I've been on A LOT of interviews these past couple of weeks though, which is promising; some more recently being second interviews and some being very specific to my interests even (cross your fingers on me being gainfully employed in the near future!).  Today I had an interview for a receptionist position at an upscale hair salon--this is what I wore!  

I think it works for this type of position because black is classic and in a trendy cut it's still very relavant.  I've been dragging along my briefcase-esk purse which holds my folder of resumes and references nicely.  I've been wearing my black Zara sandals almost every where as well because they just seem to add a nice little touch of uber-chicness to a look (and they are flats, which is sooo great).  I'll post more of the looks I've worn to interviews because I thought that even though a few of them went less stellar than I'd hoped, I sure looked the part each time.  I've been getting creative because I'm too lazy to figure out the laundry room in my complex still, so I've concocted quite a few new looks I didn't even know I could pull out of my exisitng wardrobe!


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