Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Although I enjoy dressing up and "going out" I find myself more often than not, in nice jeans, chelsea boots, and a simple top.  Last night I made it out to a show at Lincoln Hall here in Chicago, and didn't want to look like I was trying too know? YOU KNOW.  I struggle with this dilemma I like to call-- trying to look like you're not trying too hard but like you're actually still trying enough--.  Basically I just want look too cool to care; that this cool essence just happens because I'm irrevocably cool (too bad my awkward presence and lack of skill in interacting with other humans in public offsets all of this).  Still, I made the attempt and felt successful.  By using simple pieces that already had special details to them, it made my life easy, breezy, beautiful and I love when a fuzzy cheetah print purse on a gold chain goes with an outfit because most doesn't.

Also, if you've kept up on reading my previous posts this last week or so, I am happy to announce that I've accepted a job offer.  I will be working in Wicker Park at Crossroads Trading Company-- if you're in Chicago bring me in some Marc Jacobs and we'll strike up a deal :)



  1. <3 your blog! do you have twitter/instagram or smt?

    1. thanks so much! my twitter is: & my instagram is alexandmoore :)

  2. stumbled across your blog... i love it! i have to ask, though, where did you get these jeans?! they're perfect.