Thursday, September 5, 2013


 Let me preface my long, and drawn out blog post by commenting on how I've blogged three days in a row with a 6-month or so hiatus prior, so I'm going to pat myself on the back.  On to the goods:

Yesterday after a job interview (which we will talk about later) I somehow wandered into a Sephora. I've been eyeing OCC's Lip Tar ever since the first time I heard about it...and then I just kept hearing about it.  $18 a pop though?? A GIRL CAN DREAM...and with about a billion colors to choose from online, I kept dreaming-- you don't wanna be stuck w/ a color that looks ungodly.  Thanks to my favorite beauty expert & photographer friend, Bailey Munson, I frantically messaged her to see if she'd tried the product and if so if she had suggestions!  Upon her suggestion, I purchased the color "Queen" and I'm definitely in love!

Oh...speaking of that whole interview business...the look I posted yesterday was what I was wearing.  This outfit I threw on today has been one of my other favorite go-to interview outfits.  Again, black and white have become my favorite colors of choice.  This trumpet/tulip (whatever they're calling it these days) is definitely great because I am totally seeing the look coming into this fall season--funny thing is I bought this very randomly at a Charlotte Russe store in Topeka, KS last winter on a really strange premonition and, hey, I couldn't lose at $2 on the sale rack!

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