Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The day I walked into Hobby Lobby and realized all the beads were 50% -and that it would include that gigantic 1 lb. tub of acrylic gemstones I'd been eyeing previously- was one of the most beautiful days of my life.  That day was probably almost a year ago, and I've still got a ridiculous amount of gemstones left.  I've been trying to get creative on how to use them in a mildly excessive manner recently, and to what some may call fate (or too much time spent lurking the internet) I came across this lovely image of a pair of embellished jeans:

Putting two and two together I decided to spend a Sunday morning doing a little crafting which meant glueing all of my fingers together while trying to do a decent enough DIY to actually want to wear them in public.  Although I've no idea the bonding properties, blah-de-blah- of the glue I used, let's just say it was the really pungent kind (both smell and strength-wise).  I wore them out to lunch yesterday and fell asleep in them for the afternoon after lunch after too much pizza, and they held up completely fine--we'll have to see about a wash cycle later but I'm sure turning them inside-out will help a lot.

Ta-da! I feel like these jeans, like many, can be dressed up or down as long as your look is still pretty basic--for example white button down/white pumps-- but I'll stick to a baseball or oversized tee & converse any day of the week. I must admit I'd rather have had jeans that were a little baggier/boyfriend style but this was a pair I had that I didn't feel worried experimenting on and hey, Young Alex would be so proud of my Barbie jeans, and that's all I could ask for.

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