Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Dream Versace

Upon my fear of the postal service losing another package here at my apartment & my strange ability to only buy a few accessories when downtown, I honestly hadn't bought a new item of clothing since the move to Chicago....until this week!  I've recently started working at a resale shop in Wicker Park that focuses mostly on contemporary fashions.  Given duties that require me to see these items multiple times a day, be it helping man the dressing rooms or straightening racks...I find myself keeping an eye on a couple of items while trying to simultaneously resist the urge to actually put them on hold for myself.  There were two things this week however that I would have fought to the death being these vintage Versace pants:

I MELTED when I first came upon them

Although I wish for a slightly more tapered pant or one with a bit longer to cuff, I am so glad I spent a whopping $9.50 on these bad boys.  When considering how to wear, I was a little stumped at how to pull the look together...but obviously I think simple was the best option.  Being that they aree such a statement in and of themselves I opted for a loose chiffon tank top -tucked in- and a simple pair of black heels.


  1. omg I didnt know you moved to chicago? I live here too wow small world

    1. yeah, it's only been since the end of July! whomever you are, message me and we can be Chicago friends :)