Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today I completely and totally dedicate this post to one of my amazing friends, Sabrina Liedtke.  Late last week she was in a serious accident and broke more than a fair share of bones.  She's currently going through surgeries but thankfully a full recovery is expected--keep my lady in your thoughts and prayers, please.  As Sabrina has been on my mind and heart, I thought of the times I spent with her and it was all due to working on Style on the Hill, a street style blog at the University of Kansas she founded.  If I haven't mentioned it prior to now, I don't know how not--S.O.T.H. consumed a lot of my "free" time last year during school, but I was so excited and honored to get to be a part of it and I became great friends with a lovely group of talented individuals.  Starting in January, Sabs decided to do a weekly post entitled Tomboy Tuesdays and not long after I began shooting her looks with her for every week.  We spent a lot of time together running around throwing looks together and finding locations (most of which were random peoples yards and porches :)  Tomboy Tuesdays was great because I could totally relate, as many, I think, can.  I was the girl who had two older brothers and who wanted to desparately be as cool as I thought they were, I loved hot wheels and making mud pies and dolls were something foreign to me.  I played softball since I was 9, and every other sport in between.  I loved it, and I miss it; but thankfully I have the ability to live vicariously as my little tomboy self still through my wardrobe every now and again.



This past weekend it's been pretty dreary in the windy city, and I am by no means complaining.  It gives me an excuse to drink too much coffee in a day and never take off my slippers.  As a newly employed woman of the work force once again after a month hiatus (hoorah!) I decided I would maybe see if I could trick out my wardrobe a tiny bit for some new threads.  On my little trip downtown I realized two things: 

1. I am way too damn picky when it comes to clothes
2. This is probably a good thing

Nonetheless, I did end up bringing home a lovely piece to add to my ever-growing accessory collection (the one area of my wardrobe that I DON'T under any circumstances need to expand). But whatever, doesn't this felted dark green leopard print cap from H&M look super baller?  To answer my rhetorical question---YES.  In previous experience, however, I've had trouble even beginning to think about how to style hats, and to be honest this one was a doozey.  Thanks to my lovely Tomboy Tuesday references & Sabrina's tips and tricks though I forged on and delved deep into my closet.   I think I eventually made a successful enough look that hopefully makes me look effortlessly cool.  It's always a weird balancing act but it's a fun challenge, you just have to be willing to experiment!

The look: Mesh Button-Up Hoodie, Goodwill Lawrence, KS ($2-3)
Grey Basic Open-Back Cotton Dress, H&M (under $10)
Camo-Leopard Print Cap, H&M ($13)

Finish the look with something girly, like a light pink lip--
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (015, Cherish Devotion)

Check out www.styleonthehill.com for past Tomboy Tuesday stories and many more interesting street style photos of the beautiful people of Lawrence, KS

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