Thursday, September 19, 2013


Greetings, earthlings!  Hope all is well!  Today I thought I would post about one of my favorite ways of accessorizing: the "wear a watch as an anklet" look. (Is there any way to say it that sounds more sophisticated?)  I can't stake claim to this beautiful idea, but I'm a whole-hearted fan & avid user of it.  As I've mentioned Style on the Hill before, this fabulous idea came from a time on the blog prior to it's revamp, a time long long ago in a far off street style girl on campus obviously knew what was up.  Unfortunately, being so far back in the archives, I'm not sure the post even exists to use as reference but all I can say is,  "thank you girl whoever you were!"

Although completely impractical in a watch's actual function, it works.  I love the way of re-inventing and re-using items for unintended purposes.  I even got a hearty chuckle & a "girl, is that a watch?" out of it from a lovely rotund, black woman in passing when I was walking around downtown a few weeks ago while sporting the watch anklet.

Another thing I love is this muscle tee dress I got for cheaps at H&M this summer.  The first week I owned it, I didn't take it off (i.e.- 7 entire days & no real desire to actually stop except for the fact that friends had started to notice and worry about my well-being and sanity).  Alas, we all have those moments! Right?

Anyway, to make the look complete I decided that if I'm being weird with this watch thing, why not draw all the attention there with some shear polka dots socks and my slick black & gold booties.  I also tend to wear shorts under dresses because I'm a 6 year old, and to give the look a bit of color I chose some shiny pink spandex biker shorts from AA.

thanks for reading! xx Alex

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