Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A new combination of mostly old things, the battle with hair that desperately needs a trim, and bejeweled nails courtesy my grandma

Nails: my grandma bought me these nail rhinestones last christmas (maybe more than one Christmas ago, I can't remember, I just thank the lord she finally stopped giving me ugly toe socks). Anyway, I'm sure you can pick up some similar small stones at your local craft supply store.  

The trick is to wait up until the point your nail polish is still kind of tacky to put them on (you know, usually when you think you've waited long enough to do things and then make a mess of them). Then shellac the heck out of them with at least 2 layers of clear topcoat. Granted it didn't last more than 3 days on my grubby little paws, but yours will surely survive a little longer!

Blouse: Primark (of course a few buttons are loose..)
Skirt: Forever 21 (currently in stores!)
Boots: Kohls (for dirt cheap--I almost went back and bought a second pair)


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