Friday, November 9, 2012


Strongly influenced by the Man Repeller herself I took to my closet to recreate the look and revive my faith in the greatness that is LAYERING


1. Look at this humongous flannel shirt. I am in a sea of shirt, and I am surely drowning. Steal your (hypothetical) boyfriend’s shirt for a day and curl up in his arms.

2. You can do pattern on pattern; do it, I dare you. Combining stripes with plaid is a safe bet for this fall, and are two things you’ll be sure to see a lot of in the coming months. Also think about the textures and thicknesses you’re working with...switch it up, just like your patterns!


3. Two layers are for sissies, you didn’t think we weren’t going to half-ass this, did you? Throw on a loose T or a short sleeve sweater to add yet another layer of interest.

4. At this point you’re probably feeling a bit uncomfortable, wondering where your boobs have gone under all that fabric, and what you should do to take a few steps in the opposite direction of “I look like a little boy”.  Heels will automatically “fem” up the look. Bling yourself out with pearls and pink jewelry, or you can also go a little bolder with your makeup to offset the outfit.

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