Sunday, November 4, 2012


I finally invested in a new wallet, in due time seeing that my last one had a velcro closure (I KID YOU NOT). 
 I love the size of this thing. Yes, it's a little on the "husky" side of things, but my philosophy is "the bigger it is the less likely I am to lose it".  The wrist strap is also another lifesaver- I hate lugging even the smallest of purses around so this little beauty is truly the perfect ratio.  The inside opens up accordion-style allowing you to sort your things and keep cards, receipts, and money separate and organized and easy to find (in theory).  I like that the tassels are easily detachable because tassels come and go...

I got mine at TJMaxx for about $20, I think you can get the latest model from Deux Lux here for $65.
(bottle opener keychain from a souvenir stand near Leicester Station in London...I bought about 5 or 6 and gave them out to friends...I should have gotten more!).

Au revoir,

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