Sunday, November 10, 2013


Yes, plaid is a fall staple and No, today I not going to explain why it is just is.
Another beautiful thing I love is bending the rules or expanding on them, so let me expand on using plaid in your wardrobe a little...OR A LOT.

Powerclashing. You've probably heard about it by now, and if not, it's literally just throwing a bunch of prints and patterns and colors together that are so overwhelming that they work.  My favorite form of powerclashing actually involves the use of the same pattern in an entire outfit, like using florals for example: mix up the scale of the print, the actual kind of flower, and/or the background color of the print.  The other day I tried this method out with plaid:

Thoughts?  I feel like this can work...however, I would do a plaid (unlike my button-down) that doesn't have white as the main background color, it's a little loud and overwhelms the skirt a tad.  Also, this look is too tame for me, TOO TAME.

Hey football heads, I completely support your decisions for a tied waist flannel this 2013

For layering practicality, an extra flannel shirt will save your hide and its addition balances out the two plaids and no one's fighting anymore. Yay, a happy group of garmets!  Things to remember: This outer flannel should be a little bigger and less fitted/structured that the one that's tucked into the skirt.  I suggest having both a women's and men's shirt in your arsenal!

best of luck! xx Alex


  1. Hey Alex! This is Elizabeth Mall and since I can't sleep because of allergies I stumbled onto your site. I love it! What cool insight you have :)

    1. :) thanks for spending your wee hours of the night on my blog Elizabeth! (best of luck with those allergies!)