Thursday, April 5, 2012


If you happen to follow the beautiful blog Love Aesthetics by Ivania Carpio you may notice some similarities to my post right away!  Her blog is one I have avidly followed forever now.  We seem to share a love for clear acrylics and metal and her diys have always amazed me, so here I've done her recent plexiglas belt with a slight variation.  I had some strips of clear plastic (from really cheap poster frames that i had cut down in size for an exhibition).  I had no clue what I was going to do with them, but magically a few weeks later I saw her post and had to do it!  


For my version:

-1 strip clear acrylic aprrox 1.5 in. wide (this seems easy and more comfortable) i would just do some         searching...i found something similar at hobby lobby in the more "architecture" oriented section
- snap clasp
- nail or screw with a head larger than the diameter of the clasp openings
- pliers/tongs
- stovetop (something to heat up the nail)
- exacto knife
-super glue or epoxy
The whole process took me less than five minutes, baring in mind I already had my strip of plastic cut to length. Mark on the acrylic where you want to put the holes where the clasp will connect in- mine were close to both ends about 1/4" to the edge and centered. Heat up the head of the nail while holding it over a flame until hot.  Immediately press it onto the marked spots and if your plastic is as thin as mine it only needs once to go all the way through.  make sure the hook end of the clasp can easily fit in the hole.  Now you will need to make a slit with an exacto knife from one of the holes out to the edge (this is so that you can get the "loop" side of the hook in- then i superglued mine shut.  I would recommend not cutting a slit and using jump rings, easier and cleaner!

Dress by H&M (gift)
Reverse polka dot tights from Primark
Copper "rings" from plumbing dept, Home Depot
Nail polish: For Audrey by China Glaze, 
Coral 562 from L.A. Colors

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  1. It turned out suuper nice! I love the closure in the front too, while I tried to hide it on the sides