Wednesday, April 11, 2012


so, I come to you somewhat empty-handed for the time being.  I've been obsessively transfixed by images of ombre tights lately and decided...i should DIY that and save a few bucks.  The results don't seem to be looking so hot (while still in the drying stage of course but I've little faith, unfortunately.

I did however try out a trendy little thing by means of makeup today.  I've seen a lot of really copper-colored eyeshadows reaching all the way up to the brows and thought I'd give it a test run today.  I used the reddish tone I use frequently with purple shades but mixed it with a lighter tangerine color. I extended it from the inner corner of the eye to beginning of brow but tried to not make it too stark of line, then wing from outer corner of eye to end of brow.
I'm a yes on this look.  For me, I do the same routine on my face almost everyday so it was a fresh feeling and just made me feel like a bad mama jama.  I would like a little more metallic look so I may search for something with lots of shimmer next go around.

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