Saturday, April 14, 2012


This has been my go-to Saturday afternoon outfit recently, so comfy but i still feel fabulous. I have been obsessive with mint lately- I wasn't even aware of it until this week when I told a friend I was going to dye jeans mint- as I sat there wearing a mint green sweater and nails in the same shade.  I even had a mint chocolate cliff bar that day and had a girl make me smell a mint chocolate cigarette last night.

 The bracelet/cuff was the simplest DIY ever- just that plastic canvas stuff you weave yarn through, cut to size and "stitched" up at the seam and knotted.  I got mine at hobby lobby-where they had multiple colors and just the clear version of the plastic.  I plan on trying some of the actual weaving stuff to embellish other accessories.

Striped Top- hand me down
Asymmetrical Skirt- PacSun
Triangle Necklace- Gift
Lipstick- Covergirl Blast Flipstick
Nails- J. Crew

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