Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am truly sorry for the delay in my posting as of late...but it's because I was back home in Kansas for a few days!  Today's post is both a "hair & beauty" type post but mostly a personal/life-in-general type post...hopefully one that's relatable to people who are currently facing that awkward stage (much like puberty) in which you are financially equivalent to how the poor kid who sat by himself at lunch feels in a middle school cafeteria.

So how was going back home, you ask?
There are many answers to that question in which you know I will describe in much too detail.  So, firstly, a better question(s): was it too soon to go back? what is the protocol?

It felt about right, and it worked out to get scheduled off five days in a row so I can't argue.  It's been almost three months since I moved to Chicago, and aside from being a whopping 2 hours away from home during college I haven't been gone from home that much longer than the span of 3 months or so.  And this time is weird because before I was knowingly coming home from studying abroad in London and a summer spent interning in Minneapolis.  So this is weird, and I think timing-wise it was good...you can't expect this homegirl to take too many giant steps yet!

Home was beautiful and I spent an abundance of time with my pets...living in pure luxury.  Home is great too because I was fed well and broke the beautiful streak I had going of eating peanut butter and jellys every day.  I took pictures ( "kinda artsy" ones, even), walked out to the pond and explored the woods north of our farm, and honestly just kinda sat around and watched football on the tv, too. Besides that and spending some quality time in Lawrence though I MOST IMPORTANTLY GOT MY HAIRCUT:


But I'm glad I went ahead with it...my hair was really looking something of a mess, and with a really straight, blunt chop chop it was remedied.  As much as I loved the ombre trend when I ventured into it over 2 years ago...that trend has been beaten like a gat-damn dead horse and I'm so bored. Very aware the remenants of my sudo-ombre lingered on my scraggley ends I knew needed to send out an SOS.

So as an update, I think this small little inch or two of a very straight application of color makes it SO FRESH.  I wasn't going to go for straight bangs but it only felt right to push the look to another level. And I also have a secret! The undermost layer of bangs are in blonde, too!  I still feel weird and haven't fully accepted them but, hey, I'm one of those people who can't face her fears and waits months on end to go back home to her hairdresser she's had for 5 years to get it cut.

Here are some of the snaps I got the morning I went out to shoot--thanks to my momma for making a strong pot of coffee and waking me up before sunrise!:

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