Sunday, October 20, 2013


Lately, I've had my eye on streetwear/urban apparel and it's ability to encompass the effortless "I'm trying to look cool without looking like I'm trying" as I've previously mentioned many-a-time.  For me, I'm focused on the way sporty pieces have recently been incorporated into street style fashion with more dressy or tailored pieces.  If you know me, I blab on and on about how Adidas slides are the future and THEY ARE. The beautiful thing is that we can translate this into so many more ways that express that idea.  Here's some of my favorite inspirations:

(ahhh, Ivania, my biggest inspiration always)

So here are a few of my suit-ups:

Gray Zip-Ankle Jeans (hand-me-downs): J-Brand
Black Chelsea Boots: Kohl's

Loose Black Tee: H&M
Sequin Shoes: Converse

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