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I'll say it, If you are wearing overalls you probably look kinda stupid right now. OK OK Let's lay it all out on the table before (if not, already) I turn into a pretentious prick who seems too good for what's trending currently, this post is about the good and the bad of a trend and the topic if you haven't guessed is....
Let's face it, you can only pull overalls off if you time travel back to the late 80's and 90's.  Don't get me wrong, like any 22 year old I LOVE reminiscing back to my childhood where I didn't know what bills were and thought receiving mail meant I would be getting a $2 bill from my grandparents in a card. Honestly, my 8 year old self circa 1999 would applaud today's trending performance....but what does she know, she colored in the lines in her coloring book.

I feel stuck in this lack-luster state of mind when it comes to most trends lately, or because of their increasingly rapid changes and lack of growth and development, best described as "micro-trends". Dear God, save us all from the horrible future of more foreseeable micro-trends.

What could I hate about overalls?

There is nothing I hate about overalls.

The problem I have with today's resurgence of the beautiful contraption called the overall, is that upon it's comeback it has not completely evolved or moved forward.  Trends recycle, and show up a few decades later, but they are considered and adjusted to fit into their new time period.  We are treating overalls in a sentimental way, which has glossed our eyes and our ability to challenge perspective...we don't want to be perceived as that 35 year old guy who still acts like he's in high school, do we?  I'll be the first to admit that I still want to be a kid and sometimes dress like a kid, but that's probably some other personal deep-seeded issue.  More probable in defining my fear of this current trend is the fact that for the first time I'm seeing a trend reappear in the bredth of my own lifespan and it's w e i r d.

As much as this is in no way a real issue in the way of news, I want you to know that there is hope for the overall in my book.  I'm not condoning it's existence and have it's best interests in mind...I'm even excited about it lately.

After fumbling around on the internet like a fish flopping on dry land (the daily norm), I ran across a blog post that would change my mind about this whole internal conflict overalls had created in me.  Yes, there have been some adjustments made to the overall, one being an update of material in the creation of the leather-all (Thanks Phillip Lim, I'll always love you).  In a more tailored cut, we're seeing a stage of inbetween or similarly the skirt with suspender straps combo;  I feel like we're there but not just yet.  Finally on the verge of giving up and scrapping the trend and waiting for it to pass I found the answer in my quest for the holy grail.  THE OVERALL CROP TOP

As personal opinion, I find the Overall Crop Top as a success in the re-inventing of the overall itself.  Maybe it seems like too easy of an answer, but I think it's ballsy and with anything in life, taking that initial cut is the most important (luckily for us, it's just one and done and the best part is you can actually use the original overall in your world takeover).  The key to the crop top approach is that it is also a trend that is surfacing (which is being worn differently with full mid-length skirts or in matching top/bottom pairings).  Combining the Overall and the Crop Top you get something new.

After finding my solution to the future of overalls, I had to have my own.  Slowly plotting my attack, I envisioned a swift DIY.  Thankfully for me and my ability to procrastinate for month(s) on projects I came across an already cropped overall at the resale shop I work at.  When I got home with the piece, the real challenge was only beginning--HOW DO I WEAR THIS? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS

Here's what I'd researched:

1. With a high-waisted skirt makes sense proportion-wise for 2013's standards and
2. Who doesn't love a little sideboob

(I like it, but I also felt a little too naked)

3.  Lounge/track pants are a beautiful thing and paired with a crop top and heels make a complete look

But how do I make an outfit for upcoming fall weather and still incorporate this piece?  I'll admit my attempt was just that- an attempt for now.  I'm feeling it but know the answer (like in my quest for the re-invented idea for the overall) is still out there- for the time being, here's my look:

Tell me your thoughts on the overall and/or other micro trends you are in fear of,

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